Farhan Akthar and his Lakshya

Farhan Akthar’s Lakshya is set to release this week. The movie has been hyped and expected just because of Dil Chahta Hai. Dil Chahta Hai tried to change the way people looked at bollywood films. Especially DCH But the expectation was ephemeral. Not many movies after DCH created the impact like what it did.

Out of a blue, on one fine saturday, if you are lazing through channels and you see this tall guy Hritik Roshan dancing like a Prabhu Deva in the recent super hit Main Aisa Kyon Houn. Especially those clandestinely beautiful Bharathnatyam movements where Hritik moves his fingers like scissors across his eyes, are certainly prabhu deva like ones. When I finally learnt that it was Prabhu Deva who composed the choreography, I couldn’t resist my curiosity. Now this is what Prabhu Deva’s uniqueness. He can add those magical movements even to a rather monotonous song.

Recently, during a talk show called The Lounge show in CNBC TV18, Farhan Akthar displayed absolute discipline and was very level headed, unlike many of his contemporaries. Simone D Singh who hosted the show was a show-off. With he not-so-glamorous-and-not-so-natural smile, she was parroting Frahan and kep me irritating. But Farhan maintained his cool even when Simone jumped sky high while mentioning about his wife who did the neo-urban hairdressing for the Dil Chahta Hai guys.

However, I didn’t like the feel of Dil Chahta Hai. It was very unnatural, especially the interiors and the story. But Aamir and Saif Ali Khan played their roles, appreciably well. The interiors, Aamir’s french beard and the Jaane Kyon Log Pyaar Karte song all inspired Kamalhassan in Panchathanthiram. Looking at the promos for Lakshya, it looks like Farhan Akthar has a long way to go. FYI, he also does the lyrics for Bend it like Beckam fame Gurinder Chadha’s latest flick Bride and Prejudice.Are you asking, what about Hritik Roshan?. Thats slightly doubtful.

Read this interesting profile of Farhan in Outlook, here.

8 responses to “Farhan Akthar and his Lakshya”

  1. Ravi Avatar

    I liked DCH. It was not perfect, especially towards the end, but it was a breath of fresh air. I hear Lakshya is good, but not great. Farhan Akhtar is only 2 films old, so I think he is the director to watch in the next few years.


  2. Sunil Avatar

    I think Lakshya is a brilliant film from Farhan. A total departure from DCH, the treatment he has given to Lakshya makes it difficult to believe he’s a two-film old director. Of course, Javed Akhtar’s screenplay is a major plus point. A very realistic portrayal of a confused young man discovering himself and his goal, Lakshya is a very inspiring film. One has to ignore a couple of obvious bloopers though! Also, lipsyncing one of those inspirational war songs and wasting of a gem of an actor like Om Puri in a rather miniscule role could have been avoided. But all in all, a very good film.

    Its only directors like Mani Ratnam, Ram Gopal Verma, Govind Nihlani, Shyam Benegal, Ashutosh Gowrikar and now Farhan Akhtar that make Indian Films an inspiring experience.


  3. Balaji Avatar

    Lakshya is Mingboggling and pathbreaking.


  4. mahnoor Avatar

    my name is mahnoor and i am a textile designer.i had just recently seen the movie lakshya and very sadly i hate to admit it but i believe the story of the movie is very anti pakistan.i myself is a pakistani and the question is that we young people like farhan akhtar should continue believing that we are enemies or we should come closer and be friends with eachother.why can’t we instead try to make things better and especially people who are in a very influencial place like farhan should be more constructive in their approach.i know there had been times in the past when both the countries were at each other’s throats but i believe we want peace and friendship now.not because of the sudden progressive acts from the politicians of the two countries but being a human and respecting our neighbours.we have families and friends living in india and so do indians have loved ones living in pakistan then why do film makers who have the power to influence the thought of masses want to portray such hateful ideas.i had never been to india but what i know that there are people in india who love the idea of peace and being friends with their neighbouring muslim country.i wish that javed akhtar and farhan more so belonging to the young generation realises his mistake.we want to learn to dream and to love eachother not to kill and go on taking pride in it.we all are humans and you or me being whoever will matter only when we first learn to forgive eachother and start to value life itself.farhan i wish you do hear my protest?????i was and still is very dissapointed in your recent effort in movie making.entertain people but teach them the lesson to value life and to forgive.we all tend to make mistakes.all the best with your future ventures but please realise what century you are living in and people of your generation should think more constructively and more so act more positively.i am a very ordinary person don’t have the power to influence our masses but have the hope in my heart to see the two countries and its people coming closer and not being drift apart again.mahnoor.


  5. s.varma Avatar

    the movie is not anti-paki, if pakis enter our country should we give it on a plate ? (as said in the movie)
    we made porkchops out of those bastards and rightly so, that doesnt mean we hate pakis, only the ones that infitrate our country


  6. hoysala.s Avatar

    please send me director farhan aktar’s email id?i have briliiant movie tht only he can direct for this genertion.please send me his e-mail id.


  7. Karthik Avatar

    I really do not know what to say. I have seen both of Farhan’s movies. The guy is brilliant and is “today’s” director if you get what I mean.
    Movies today click better with the audience if one can identify or connect themselves with what they see on screen. In both the movies, Farhan did exactly that and the result? Success. I am sure all those who liked his movies would say,”I could see myself in one of the characters….”.

    Bottom line is this- Films may be an exaggeration in the lighter sense, but the more you connect with reality the better.

    I have a really contemporary script in mind that I think Farhan will be able to do true justice to. If its going to take a miracle for me to get in touch with him (by e-mail), I really am ready to wait!

    Yours truly


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