Blame it on who ?

Night Shyamalan‘s Village has finally arrived last week to Chennai. Probably thats one film that I would have expected to release parallel to its hollywood release given the proven audience for Night’s films.

Steven Speilberg’s The Terminal which has won accolades around the world is yet to release in Chennai. Or has it released and gone out of theatres without my knowledge. Can’t comment on that, anything is possible. A similar thing did happen to Steven Spielberg’s Amistad. It released and on the first weekend, less than 20 odd people were found themselves aloof inside the theatre. If that’s funny, here’s more. The 1996 Oscar winner, The English Patient, is yet to release in Chennai. Why would someone release it when you have such a small audience for good films. Blame it on the audience and they blame it back on the distributors.

If Shyamalan’s Village could get kollywood audience amused, we will have some more Shock movies in Tamil. Can’t stand those bad adaptations.

Update : Latha has some nice things to say on herself and also on bloggers [Indian Bloggers especially] in the Guest Blog. Read her blogpost – I, Me, Myself.

Kyun…Ho Gaya Na – A brood over Aishwarya Rai

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So it happened / happens / will happen. The emails containing Aishwarya Rai‘s pictures will be coming as long as emails become obsolete. It happened somewhere in the fag end of the last millennium that people started getting email forwards of Aishwarya Rai. You, me and everyone where in the list of CC. Several avatars of Ash [Aishwarya]are being circulated including the young ash, teenage ash, school uniform ash, model ash, miss universe ash, iruvar ash, animated ash and of course vivek oberoi ash. No one knows the origin of these emails. Even if you are one of Ash haters, you will be forced to receive an email a day of Aishwarya smiling.

She was one of the first celebrities in India who was most emailed, written, drooled over on the internet. She definitely has an aura. But sometimes it’s been overdone. Like how Shankar’s Jeans really helped in proving Aishwarya is still learning the term called acting. She hardly acted but the movie was a hit, and she was spotted as one the reasons. She is quite lucky. Yeah, while we have actors/actresses in tons who can really justify acting and who are equally beautiful, she can just walk away with the cake and also eat it. Whether the movie is a hit or not, bother not, she surely has a director/ producer/ script writer waiting outside her house to book her for their next film(s). But that’s the hard truth.

She and Vivek Oberoi were there on today’s MTV for promoting their new film Kyun…Ho Gaya Na. As usual MTV Cyrus did try to pull out the reason for their nice on-screen chemistry. They blushed at the same time. Enough, we have an answer here. The promos were slick and the film promises to be a lot of fun. Thats pretty clear from the promos. Especially the Pyaar Mein Sau Uljhanein song where Vivek Oberoi dances frenziedly in that Chumma De De type bar, Aishwarya and her siblings dance comfortably well in their kitchen. This song is well written with the lyrics that talks about the pains and goodies of love. Forget the first few paras here. Aishwarya is beautiful and I’m already planning the first weekend watch for it.

Munnabhai becomes a lawyer – Munnabhai LLB

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Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra in their interview to The Hindu today, opens up about the success of their cult classic, Munnabhai MBBS. Also there is a script getting by done by Raj Kumar himself called Munnabhai LLB which is a sequel to the original Bhai. LLB meaning Bachelor of Laws.

Having said that, they are very confident that Munnabhai MBBS remakes in Tamil and Telugu starred by Kamalhassan and Chiranjeevi respectively will also become hits themselves.

The same column on Munnabhai also talks about the review done on the movie by the British Medical Journal, which shocked the purists. The review calls the film ‘a riot’ and notes that Sanjay Dutt won a Filmfare award, the Indian equivalent of the Oscars, for his performance. It is peer recognition from the MEDICAL journal on a movie made on a wannabe-doctor-turned-don. Are the protestors of Vasool Raja MBBS here in tamilnadu listening ?

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore
[Typos intentional through out this blog post]

The moore I read the moore I’m anxious, the moore I’m anxious the moore I’m lost.

As the world goes on and on over the controversial Michael Moore‘s Fahrenheit 9/11, the hype goes on and on like the bullish stock market. And before it begins to fall down, I would love to watch the film to get a glimpse of the controversy they talk about.

Read moore about moore here, here and here. Moore also has started a blog, Mike’s Blog. Welcome Bloggie.

Every move of Moore is watched here, Anti Michael Moore.

Ok. So this isn’t a blog post to place all the links of Michael Moore. These were just some(!) of the interesting news that I have been reading about Michael Moore. I observed one thing, the maker is reviewed moore than the movie itself. That sounds very biased to me but that alone kicks my entu to watch it soon.

I am sure by the time you read all these articles, you would be atleast half confused as me. Yeah, just reading all the news without watching the movie takes you nowhere. I realised it just when I finished reading these articles. There is just one moore thing, read the column Unfairenheit 9/11 – The lies of Michael Moore by Christopher Hitchens in Slate. This one gets you a clearer picture and sums up all the above said articles well.

But then, let me watch it and talk.

Goodbye Godfather

Marlon Brando
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Very coincidental that there are two goodbye blog notes this week. This one is very close to film lovers.

Morgan Freeman still remains my favorite Hollywood actor. But Brando is also one in my small list of personal favorites. I haven’t got a chance to see all those 50’s movies, which they say, is Brando’s best. I understood that he is a great guy when our own acting university, Sivaji Ganesan called Marlon Brando as an actor’s actor. That’s all I needed to get an opinion on Brando. With that same opinion in me I watched Godfather and that opinion became more and never less. Having enjoyed his acting, which I hate to call as method acting and restrict it to that school of acting. We have/had parallels of Marlon Brando in India too. Still he has inspired our Indian actors with his unparalleled performances in The Godfather trilogy.

If you were to ask Tamils who were teenagers during 80’s about their most favorite film, they would have uniformly replied Mouna Ragam. If you ask the same to the 70’s teenagers all over the world who knew Hollywood, The Godfather would eventually be their reply. My Brando favorite till day is his flamboyant performance in The Last Tango in Paris. This movie could be overlooked as a yet-another French erotica, if you watch it for the first time. But there is more to that. As I watched a couple of times more, I saw that clandestine and the versatile genius in Brando. This was exactly when the Brando bug bit me.

The closest that I have come to Brando is that I had been to the village in Illinois called Libertyville, where he grew up. Libertyville is en-route to Wisconsin. It is a small village/town, which is very English-like, and a scenic place. People there still mention and are proud to have the greatest actor of time, grow up there.

So even as the actor’s actor is dead, we hope, that his performances would continue to inspire the millions of actors who are still about to be born. Goodbye Godfather.

Update 5th July, 2004 :
I am the son of BrandoKamalhassan

In Brando’s films, he dared take up subjects which very few actors have done. He was a role model not only for American actors but international actors too. Read more here.