Munnabhai becomes a lawyer – Munnabhai LLB

[Pic: The Hindu]

Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra in their interview to The Hindu today, opens up about the success of their cult classic, Munnabhai MBBS. Also there is a script getting by done by Raj Kumar himself called Munnabhai LLB which is a sequel to the original Bhai. LLB meaning Bachelor of Laws.

Having said that, they are very confident that Munnabhai MBBS remakes in Tamil and Telugu starred by Kamalhassan and Chiranjeevi respectively will also become hits themselves.

The same column on Munnabhai also talks about the review done on the movie by the British Medical Journal, which shocked the purists. The review calls the film ‘a riot’ and notes that Sanjay Dutt won a Filmfare award, the Indian equivalent of the Oscars, for his performance. It is peer recognition from the MEDICAL journal on a movie made on a wannabe-doctor-turned-don. Are the protestors of Vasool Raja MBBS here in tamilnadu listening ?

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  1. ripples Avatar

    Guru, dont mean to digress from the topic, but are the filmfare awards really equivalent to the Oscars, well maybe. But, I would trust the National awards even more!


  2. maran Avatar

    It’s really disgusting to see sponsors logo on every Indian Tamil stage shows. Haven’t the organizers heard of Tv ad? Even with sponsor the production is awful compared to Malaysian award shows, which produce about 10 movies a year. And the crowd… hopeless.

    One more thing, can’t the guys wear something decent to award shows particularly South Indians. Even vesti and a shirt would look on them instead of faded jeans and unchecked shirts.

    Thank god for the beautiful dancing girls.


  3. Vinod Avatar

    Have you heard the songs from ‘Manmadhan’ yet? Can’t wait to read your review.

    I think ‘Vasool Raja’ is going to be big, btw.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Priya, Actually in my opinion, both are not. We need to create an award that can scale as an oscar and we should definetly hype it better than the oscars.

    It’s a must that we do something in the coming years. A earnest belief of a film lover 😉


  5. Prabhu Avatar

    Just cant wait for Munnabhai LLB to release.


  6. Ravi Avatar

    I think Filmfare awards are based on popular choice, so they are definitely not like the Oscars.


  7. faisal Avatar

    hi iam faisal i whant see ur Munna Bhai MBBS cd


  8. Rodney Avatar

    Off say large moved boys real estate, need off I’ll school.


  9. ryan Avatar

    when is munnabhai llb gonna release. i Can’t wait 2 c it. I bet it is gonna b funny.


  10. Muskhan Avatar

    Munna bhai is haik tooooooooooo funny! You should see it, that’s what people are saying but I’ll say this kind of movie is not good for students specially who are young like 10th grade because, as the movie the students will say “Oh! it’s okay if I don’t study right now or anytime. Studing isn’t important.” if the actors was infront of me today I was gonna ask them first “What is your purpose of making this movie; or are you convencing students to not to be educated or What?”


  11. rahul Avatar

    i am waiting for it to release.
    i think it will be the best film.


  12. Munna Bhai Avatar
    Munna Bhai

    If somebody (read females) wants anything other than a BHAI they are most welcome ! get back by posting a message here and just see it takes you where, hopefully nobody has had been where (u know better).


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