Blogs are going to change the world.

Blogs are going to change the world. Example:

OLD, TIRED MEDIA: “The Associated Press reported that Saddam Hussein was captured yesterday by American forces.”

NEW, EXCITING MEDIA: “omg like kos reported that he saw on chris’s blog that john trackbacked to mike’s journal where he read about bob’s girlfriend’s brother’s cousin who was like watching Fox News (fair and balanced my ass! lol) and they said something about saddam i dunno current music: brittney cleary – im me current mood: corpulent”

Notice the synergy of information and the ease by which information propagates throughout the blogosphere.

The above para was from slashdot but was taken from an article here which talk about the fourth estate ragging the new found bloggies during the democratic convention in Boston.

Read more about Blogging ‘cruelty’ allegations. The world goes on. So does blogging.

2 responses to “Blogs are going to change the world.”

  1. nirmalya Avatar

    “The world goes on. So does blogging” — so does the possibility of the spread of misinformation/hoaxes.


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Oh Yeah ! That goes without saying. Byt truly tell me where is actual information. There are misinformation everywhere. Blogs just increase them exponentially. Thats it 😉


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