This Thing That Thing, a rotating fan and three dudes

On a mazhai ‘like’ kaalam in chennai, a saturday evening, the crowded, polluted and ofcourse lazy chennai was getting on with it’s business when we met. We includes Mdeii Anand, Ravages and myself. With blue skies above us and just the horizon streched across us in the romantic thiruvanmiyur beach, we met. For nothing. Ok Ok, I’m not hyping it anymore. It was really awesome. It was too small to be called a blog meet, ’cause as you know, Chennai Blog Meets are as crowded as chennai restaurants.

From Cinema to padams, bit padams, short padams and NEW padams, everything about cinema was commented upon. Serious bloggers to burnouts, to bloggers who blog for the fad saying I Blog Too, Do You ? came between our conversations. Some really interesting views that were shooted includes Apporva Saghodarargal, Naam Iruvar, Iruvar, Monty Python, The raging bull, The Last Temptation of Christ etcetra. This Thing That Thing, This Thing That Thing music composing technique also came inbetween and split us(me especially) by laughs. Thanks to the funny blog magister who started this funda of T.T.T.T. Some more on this sometime.

How many tamil movies have you watched that shows a fan actually rotating, meaning functioning ?. Seriously. Mail all three of us or just me with your answer. We are planning a movie with a fan switched on. An artistic film. Oru Fan Finally Suthuthu. Enna Anand and CC, Am I right ?

15 responses to “This Thing That Thing, a rotating fan and three dudes”

  1. aNTi Avatar

    Hey….I already thought about the title song! The first two lines go like this:

    “Switch pota.. fan suthum;
    fan-a pota switchu suthuma?”

    I mean.. i did not think about it.. but i have heard it somewhere. And mebbe we can pay royalty to the ppl who produced the Sirippo Sirrippu tapes in the 90s and use these lines as our title song! what say? 😉

    And I will write the rest of the song for free 😀


  2. sankar Avatar

    I think that sounds a bit like wag-the-dog philosophy –
    ” Dog wags the tail because dog is smarter than the tail. What happens if tail becomes smarter, it starts to wag the dog”

    Anyway if my memory serves me right, I think there is a shot of fan rotating in the movie “Mounam pesiyathe”.


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    hey anti, missing in action for along time. enna aachu ?

    and keep saying this thing that thing, this thing that thing continously till i say what it is. or you guys might even find it out.


  4. Ravages Avatar

    Enna Pa Lazy!

    Source credit not given.

    “This thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing”
    “This thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing”
    “This thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing”
    “This thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing this thing that thing”


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Illa Ravages, the idea was to explain that in another post combining it with the contemporary this thing that things.

    Otherwise, it’s updated now. check out the post again.


  6. Anand Avatar

    This thing! That thing! This thing! That thing! This thing! That thing! This thing! That thing!
    Damn.. this has become like a silly private joke now!


  7. Ravages Avatar

    Hey LG, (as not in LG Perungayam),
    summa, kindal pannein.
    You know what, we shall both do a this thing that thing post together, same day, same time, on both our blogs.

    Let’s Google Blog This thing that thing.
    What say?


  8. Ravages Avatar

    Oh oh! Let’s do a google bomb, and not a google blog on TTTT. What say?


  9. aNTi Avatar

    Enna Le.. en paatukku yesa paatu yaarachum paaduvingala illaya.. illa neengalum AnarCapLib range kku oru group form pannareengala? :p

    LG… hmmm.. LG.. paravailla.. solli paatha nalla dhaan irukku. Anyways ennoda advisor naan thooya pachcha tamil-la thittikitturuken. Thesis defense on Aug 20th and i have a lot of stuff to complete 😦 Adhu dhaan ore deafening silence….


  10. mmv Avatar

    quite a few movies that have had the fan on
    but normally it is a v.v.v.v.low speed
    i used to get surprised if the fan was on
    so i can definitely vouch for it

    will watch out next time and let u know the movies


  11. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    1. “Ethir neechal” by K. Balachander in which Nagesh acts as an actor (!!!)…
    Shooting a puyal kaatchi sequence, the director says “Puyal”, and a big fan starts rotating….and fast
    2. Fav seq in many Rajinikantha movies – Rajini will wear a wig thalai, or ottu thaadi or ottu meesai…fan starts rotating fast…the ottu thaadi or ottu meesai or wig – as applicable – flies off
    3. Many Visu movies alongwith nadukooda pillars (preferably min 4 for each of the characters to touch the pillar and talk), rotating fan is also an important vasthu (note: NOT VAASTHU)…rotating fan is an important filler whenver any of the Visu’s characters say something thadaaladi…
    Intha list poruma? Innum konjam venuma?


  12. Priya Avatar

    Did you mean Server Sundaram?I dont recall this fan scene in Ethir Neechal..May be Im wrong..
    Another one that I caught on KTV is a recently aired film Anni- there’s a scene where Nizhalgal Ravi and Mohan try to switch on a table fan.It doesnt work.Then Jaishanker(their elder brother) does the same , and voila , it rotates 🙂


  13. Lazy Geek Avatar

    I’ve to personally interuppt and sayw as to why I the question was asked. When me, anand and ravages were talking, I said they yester year film were called art film when they had show a house with a ceiling fan rotating.

    And so when we spoke deeply on this subject, Anand suggested that it could be lighting issue that they usually avoid scenes with ceiling fans.

    Apologize that I had written fans in general. All I meant were ceiling fans.

    Start the list again, MR. Nakkal 😉


  14. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    Yes Priya, it is ‘Server Sundaram’…though I would like to appalagize to you, because you are a lady…accept my ‘ammalagies’ on the same…

    Yappa, lazy geek, time kudungappa…lis seekiram en sitela podaraen…

    By the way, all Visu movies – ceiling fans only


  15. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    Oru naalu naal KTV/Raj Digital Plus, SCV – night movies — yellam paarthuttu varaen, vanthu solraen