The American President

I am Andrew Shepherd and I am the President.

Michael Douglas, one of the best American Presidents on-screen. Better than Bill Pullman[Independence Day]. Topped with Martin Sheen and Michael J Fox, it was a cheerful script. Enjoyed the movie after a long time, again.

Rediff Review Righta Thappa ?

Righta Thappa has good reviews coming in. Here is Shobha Warrier’s review in Rediff. As usual she re-tells the story of Righta Thappa in the review. Forget that. Shobha is full of praises for R Bhuvana, the director of Righta Thappa. While, I am sure the movie is going to be good the review makes me skeptical.

From the way the film has turned out, she can call herself successful.

Given Rediff’s recent reviewing talents, I am afraid if this is the feministic thing that’s going on.

P.S – If you hate to believe me, there is this Shobha De advertisement next to the review. Probably co-incidential but then makes for a good joke.

DDLJ – Eight Years & still going on

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

The Hindu spotlights on Aditya Chopra’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which is still running as a single show in a Mumbai theatre Maratha Mandir.

DDLJ could possibly be the movie running so long in the history of cinema but all that I am concerned is about the projection guy in the theatre. It was a speculation that a projection attendant in a theatre where Jackie Shroff‘s Hero crossed a couple of years, went a little abnormal. It was said that looking at the same movie throughout the day, for years, affected his thinking patterns. If that is true(which I am unsure of ), then the similar guy in this theatre should also be shown some concern.

While it’s accepted that DDLJ was superb entertainer and Kajol was a major drool-over then, I am suprised at the longevity of the movie in theatres. What about video piracy here ?

Shyam Benegal and the art of admiration

shyam benegal

Shyam Benegal‘s interview to Business-Standard is one of the best interview columns I’ve read in the near past. It’s as refreshing as the energy he holds.

With his latest grand movie Netaji Subhash: The Last Hero, set to hit the screens soon, he talks about his admirations towards Indian cinema and it’s film makers. He admires many of his contemporaries and also the new comers in the same level. From Satyajit Ray to Gurinder ‘Beckam’ Chadha to the mushy mushy Karan Johar, his admiration levels shows his broad spectrum of liking towards Indian Cinema. He was very right when saying about Mani Ratnam, “He is an intelligent filmmaker, with a good control over the medium, and Nayakan is my favourite”. And expectedly he has so much to say on Ritwick Ghatak.

“Younger directors,” he continues, “are looking at cinema in a entirely different way. Their attitude is different.” How so? “For the older filmmakers, tradition was not be touched and whatever you did, ultimately you had to accept tradition. This is particularly true of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. But the younger lot grapple with tradition, much like they did before Independence.” Good he said that and now wait for the arguments to suffice from the oldies. It’s Engrossing. I would have expected that such an sweeping interview would happen with the filmy magazines. He finally opened up with the Business-Standard. Film magazines can go dump themselves. But you read ahead.