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  1. Finding Nemo simply rocks! I remember we were watching it in theatre. It was the scene where nemo has been rescued, but he is fighting for life. He lies there, seemingly dead.
    then this little kid sitting in front of us jumped up and said, “come nemo, come. U can do it!”
    That’s the extent to which the movie had kids locked in!

  2. I cant wait for this too.I have been addicted to this Genre from “Toy Story” to “Antz” to “Bugz Life” to “Toy Story 2” to “Monsters Inc” to “Finding Nemo” to this one..

  3. the effort and quality of work that goes into making a animation movie is really incredible. Also, the sense of humor in these movies are just awesome.

    Lazygeek your blog is awesome.

  4. but i liked Monsters Inc to Finding Nemo. Technical perfection, was completely felt everytime Wazowski uttered a dialogue. I felt, really such a creature like Mike Wazowski existed.

    By the way, did you guys notice “Nemo” in Monsters Inc. [where “Boo” is back in its room, and it give all its toys to Sullivan].

    And also Mike Wazowski comes in the titles of Finding Nemo.

    A very appreciable easter eggs.

  5. Pixar or Walt Disney, the fact that Shahrukh Khan and his son have been doing voiceovers for this film is also commendable. Lazy, you haven’t given any credit for the Indian connection. Should I be cross with you? Just kidding. 🙂

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