Pattu Pavadai strikes back

Cinderella Pattu Pavadai
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I was expecting this article quite sometime back on Hindu about the Cinderella Pattu Paavaadai[silk skirt] of RMKV Silks which is THE sensation of this year’s deepavali.

Cinderella Pattu Pavadai has Cinderella’s fairy tale story twined in silk on the borders of the skirt. The latest ad with the young girl in a green Cinderella pattu pavadai is a big hit, already. Ramya had a post on this sometime back.

Young school girls are said to be crashing the gates of RMKV to have a look at the pattu pavadai. Priced around 1500-3000 bucks the orders are overwhelming and if you are planning to get one for your kid this deepavali, you might not. My colleague who wanted to get her daughter this fairytale silk skirt, found the current delivery date might be aroud 20th November. Book your orders for Pongal, now.

Did someone say fashion gets recycled ?. We are getting back to where we were before. This one is a good comeback.

11 responses to “Pattu Pavadai strikes back”

  1. Prabhu Avatar

    namba aaLu kudumbasthan appadinu adikadi prove panraaru ba…Just kidding 🙂

    I saw this hoarding on the kodambakkam fly over. It was a very nice ad. I think they have displayed the same ad in kotturpuram road as well!

    lazy..pasangalukku onnum kedayadha?? i mean such special ads and items for deepavali(enniku irundhirukku appadinu kekkaadheenga :-D)


  2. keerthi Avatar

    yes Mr. Lazy,

    its a welcome comback. the rich culture we cherished a few decades before, returning back to it is a pleasurable experience.


  3. Chenthil Avatar

    Hi Guru,

    very true. On the day the ad was released, I went to RMKV to get one for my daughter (3 yr old) and was informed that they ran out of stock, 500 pcs in one hour. The orders are so overwhelming, they have stopped booking orders too. Some one in the marketing dept hit it right, I guess.


  4. Chakra Avatar

    As you said, thats a nice comeback.. kids wd be cute to watch in pattu paavadais.


  5. ganesh Avatar

    i have to say indians are getting very good in advertisements year by year another example hutch where they have one sings for each and every phone call with diff songs saying you can set different tones for diffrent person , another one whihc is hitting weekly is kungumam they have very good decisoon on not coming online so they get a lot of books sold in shop and the idea of coupons during this festive time is a huge hit i think every week some or other good advertisement like this , really amazing minds working on advertisements.


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Prabhu, always guys are ones who are left out. probably the best thing is that because these girls rush out for the silk skirts, the jeans shops will be vacant to choose from. and you know i’m kidding here. finall, nothing for us.

    keerthi/chakra, it’s true that many of them are enjoying this come back like us.

    chenthil, so finally what did you get your daughter. the worst part is someone in their class might get the cinderella pavaadai and you will have tough time tackling your kid. right ?

    ganesh, true. that hutch ad was by O & M. This one is also a good one. not sure who did this ad. The kutty girl in the ad is a real cute.


  7. prabz Avatar

    Fashion Returns!! I have always found, Pattu pavadai extremely attractive. It just needed its moment of triumph.


  8. prabz Avatar

    Fashion Returns!! I have always found, Pattu pavadai extremely attractive. It just needed its moment of triumph.


  9. Manoj Avatar

    This come back of the traditional wear is a good sign. People in this line of business ( handloom) are longing for such a come back. Let them also celebrate joyous Diwali this year. Forgot to say that I am from Kanchipuram.


  10. shiva Avatar

    Hi Geek, with your influence you can get me one if not a gift. Is there any BACK Market purchase for this Patti Pavadai for my Kutti….



  11. sheelakrishnasetty Avatar

    Hi ,

    I am in USA and in the internet I saw cindrella pattu pavadai in Black color.Do you have it in different coloros for 3 yr old girl.Please respond as soon as possible.



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