Top 10 songs – For a change, this is from Hollywood

Bijoy Venugopal writes in Rediff on the American Film Institute‘s list of Top 10 Hollywood movie songs.

Some observations/suggestions(not for the American Film Institute, for myself):
a) When you wish upon a star from Pinochio (1940) is on the fourth. I would have rated it number two.

b) The Sound of Music – The Sound Of Music (1965) features at tenth. Remember our own kollywood’s Shanthi Nilayam, was inspired from The Sound of Music. Thats ofcourse, is a very old news. But I would personally rate it number one.

Also The Bridge On The River Kwai theme, Colonel Boogie’s March, hasn’t been included because it never had lyrics to it. It was the yesteryear Mission Impossible like theme. Pity that it was out of the list. I’m atleast happy for Eminem to have made it in the list from his own movie 8 Mile (2002) for the song Lose Yourself.


  1. Have been Trying to get “Colonel Bogie’s March” for my cell phone ringer. Settled for Pink Panther instead 😦

  2. oops, the previous comment was by me. And did u notice teh comments to the Rediff article. The first one is from one of Audrey Hephburn’s biographers. International audience for Rediff? Pity that their views and reviews are not fitting sometimes.

  3. Thanks for that Anti. I realized it only after you pointed.

    But I didn’t get this point. To make a comment in that rediff article you need a rediff id. did she get one or she had one or ??

  4. Actually, the main plotline of Shanti Nilayam was lifted from ‘Jane Eyre’–crazy wife in the attic who burns down the house, etc. Since they had a governess in the plot, they bunged in the Sound of Music capers as well – traipsing up the mountain and singing with children, and a lot of borrowed jollification. An impressive bit of screenplay ad-libbing there.

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