log, logout

Crude and Cheesy post ahead.

I get the internet democracy and all but reading everyone’s opinion on the new social networking overload seems like a complete waste of time. I know one wants to try everything thats new and free on the net but one doesn’t have to always start acting like a tech guru on each .x version release of a software.

Let me ask a question. When was the last time, you picked a piece of log aka dead wood book and read it start to finish including the blurb. I know you have Brown’s The Last Symbol hidden under your pillow for two weeks now. That paperback copy of Twlight saga is lying on your bookshelf for twelve days and 24 minutes and 16.5 seconds now. The first edition copy of recently passed away Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye is crying to be read for months now. The recently bought Agam Puram Anthapuram is enjoying some good shelf life in your bedroom. Last week’s Vikatan and India Today are folded and left unread on the couch. It doesnt matter that you dont like to read literary works of Jorge Luis Borges or Pablo Neruda. You like to read just ‘normal’ books. I get that. But when will you read them?

When can you actually close the browser, shut down your laptop and actually read the first page of Seth Godin’s latest best seller? When will you be free of not having to login to the social .coms, miss all the carefully created online personas’ effing status updates and not be nervous about it? Its not important to just have a shelf full of carefully selected coffee table books. To read without any interupptions is an act of freedom in the contemporary society. How about today ? Say yes to the Log. Now, Logout. Thanks.

8 responses to “log, logout”

  1. Vasanth Avatar

    Guru – that’s not a problem in London. I read all by books during my commute to office and back on the tube… pure 1.30 hours of joyful reading with no mobile ringing, no loud talk on the phone. its as if you are in this cocoon on your own.


  2. Shiva.R Avatar

    may be i read all of it as an e-book 🙂 🙂 well fine u knw wat as some one who is on look out for best things always and since i rely on ur taste for books and music or watever …thats a load of book names u have given me..:) Thanks guru …:)


  3. daff Avatar

    i’m going through this exact thing right now. I’ve got this collection of graphic novels ranging from Alan Moore to Waid and still have not brought myself to read any of them. Gotta close the browser, yes, gotta close the browser, gotta close…..


  4. inventsekar Avatar

    Hello Guru-ji,
    nice writing…i read ur blog some three or four years back while surfing…then recently i remembered it and became a fan, again!…

    great reading…


  5. lazygeek Avatar

    sekar, good pictures at inventmadras.com.


  6. inventsekar Avatar

    thanks Ji…this site’s top header photos, i have collected them and thinking of making a photo using them and keep it in my orkut, FB, inventmadras, … thought to ask you that for a long time, but right time has just come!!!

    i like this line very much!!!… (if a writer want to introduce a character in his book he should follow this one:)
    lazy geek a.k.a guru subramanian is from chennai living in the showery seattle a software consultant by destiny loves creative arts yaps about intellectual stuff and still on the only(!) belief that he is a geek!!


  7. lazygeek Avatar

    sekar, sure. please go ahead.


  8. Saumya Avatar

    Commute time is the best to cach u on reading. Also helps if you set aside library time and keep that sacrosanct. Coffee at that time? Sorry busy!


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