And that’s how

Picked up a dozen packs of Milk Bikis from the local Indian store. It was in a new wrapper. I was shocked. While tripping in Chennai, I bought a Milk Bikis pack in a totally new packaging and found the design of biscuit completely changed. Instead of Britannia embossed in the middle and surrounded by flower patterns, it had squares all over the biscuit. That wasn’t the biscuit design thats imprinted in me. After all its probably the only biscuit of choice on any given day followed by Bourbon by the same company. Even though it had the same taste, it felt like a different biscuit.

So I was indeed shocked looking at the new pack today. When opened, to my relief, I found it had the same design. Somehow they haven’t changed the design, atleast yet, for the exports. So that’s good. And that’s how I got my biscuit back.

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8 responses to “And that’s how”

  1. Saumya Avatar

    Milk bikis, maggi noodles etc have such pristine memories right? Enjoy the bikkus


  2. sivagiri Avatar

    mokkai 😦 please stop such posts please. who cares if u like milk bikis or not? un mokkaikku oru alave illaya?


  3. inventsekar Avatar

    the god of small small things….
    When opened, to my relief, I found it had the same design. ///
    An that’s how I got my biscuit back. ///


  4. Porkodi Avatar

    Lazy geek, unga posts niraya dadavai padichurukken, but somehow I never read any of your seattle posts! cha cha cha.. iniki than archives ellam poi pathu thrupti patten! 😀

    Parvala, all these days naan mattum than parle-G biscuits paathu poorva jenma bandham rangeku peel panrava nu nenachen 🙂


  5. dagalti Avatar

    The floral design is what I infer put off PathANi when Raju offered him: “மில்க்கு பிக்கி…வோணாவா ?”


  6. inventsekar Avatar

    boss, no new posts for three weeks!!! been busy???
    on Sujatha’s anniversary day, your site was redirecting to site…i copied that photo(collection of sujatha’s photos) for “preserving” it in my site. hope you and the other geek( blogger) will not mind it…


  7. inventsekar Avatar

    how this small GIF photo just before my name comes?…why it comes for me like this?(mouth crossed) and for others its much better(star, smiling face, ..etc..)
    is it from ur site admin settings?


  8. Yappa Avatar

    Enpa ethuna eluthanumnu eluthviya…….enna kodumai sir ethu


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