Blast from the ‘Kadhal Desam’ past

Reading through a chat conversation from long time ago, I ended up reading this post from 2006. The relevancy and timing was impeccable. This is one of the few personal blogposts on the site and if you have some free internet time, read on.

Like a first time director telling his proposed story to a producer, I would tell stories with vivid descriptions and some exaggerated facial expressions. From Aandipatti to Amsterdam, the stories opened and closed all around the world, with turning points in the right places. And I told them that I would shoot this particular story as a magnum opus and the other sci-fiction, which I kathachufied the previous day would be my third film. Kamal to Rajini to Nasser and sometimes even SPB became many characters of my stories and these CC[counter culture] guys believed I would really strike chord with films someday. Huh !!

Not to be shared

Not a big fan of quotes because they may be different in the context they were spoken. However, this one seems vital to the world we live in. Especially the first part of it. And BTW! sharing this post on any online social forum would be ironical.

Every form of happiness is private. Our greatest moments are personal, self-motivated, not to be touched. Those things which are sacred or precious to us are the things we withdraw from promiscuous sharing. But now we are taught to throw everything within us into public light and common pawing. To seek joy in meeting halls. We haven’t even got a word for the quality I mean—for the self-sufficiency of man’s spirit. It’s difficult to call it selfishness or egotism, the words have been perverted…

– from Ayn Rand’s Fountain Head, just in case you didn’t catch that.

log, logout

Crude and Cheesy post ahead.

I get the internet democracy and all but reading everyone’s opinion on the new social networking overload seems like a complete waste of time. I know one wants to try everything thats new and free on the net but one doesn’t have to always start acting like a tech guru on each .x version release of a software.

Let me ask a question. When was the last time, you picked a piece of log aka dead wood book and read it start to finish including the blurb. I know you have Brown’s The Last Symbol hidden under your pillow for two weeks now. That paperback copy of Twlight saga is lying on your bookshelf for twelve days and 24 minutes and 16.5 seconds now. The first edition copy of recently passed away Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye is crying to be read for months now. The recently bought Agam Puram Anthapuram is enjoying some good shelf life in your bedroom. Last week’s Vikatan and India Today are folded and left unread on the couch. It doesnt matter that you dont like to read literary works of Jorge Luis Borges or Pablo Neruda. You like to read just ‘normal’ books. I get that. But when will you read them?

When can you actually close the browser, shut down your laptop and actually read the first page of Seth Godin’s latest best seller? When will you be free of not having to login to the social .coms, miss all the carefully created online personas’ effing status updates and not be nervous about it? Its not important to just have a shelf full of carefully selected coffee table books. To read without any interupptions is an act of freedom in the contemporary society. How about today ? Say yes to the Log. Now, Logout. Thanks.

Hey now, Hey now!

Was listening to random songs on Pandora today and this song brought back some great memories from school. A friend and I used to listen to this number continously that I still remember every guitar chord. During my teens, I thought the lyrics was very philosophical but then I also thought Michael Jackson was the best pop musician. Regardless of the lyrical value, this has been a great inspiration for me and probably for millions around the world during late 80s/early 90s.

Performed by the New Zeland band Crowded House, this song has been covered by other artists including Howie Day and Paul Young.

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But you’ll never see the end of the road
While you’re traveling with me

Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won’t win

Jabber – On Followers and Indie Scratchers


Twitter is a different animal. Just like hows blogs and social networks are also distinctly different from each other, twitter the micro-blogging tool is way way different. The one thing that’s common among them is i-scratch-you and you-scratch-me back[ISY-YSM].

I have been witnessing of such blog politics at close quarters and I generally hate it as it spoils the joy of blogging and how it gets you into a sort-of unwanted race. Now this isn’t a blogpost to prove my worthiness.

Keeping the poltics of the blogosphere aside, the growth of social networks is putting people into a different stress. The one that makes you accumulate friends, colleagues and followers. You accumulate as many friends as possible at Orkut, As many colleagues at Linked In and as many “followers” at Twitter.

I infrequently update my twitter page with a silly message or two on what I watch and what I’m doing. There’s nothing more to it. I follow some friends through the twitter feed from Google Reader and there are a bunch of friends who do the same thing.

From time and again, I get notes from twitter that someone unknown to me is following me on twitter. But today was a revelation. And that scares me sometimes. Either I’m a super blogger that people aren’t just satisfied with my blogposts that they also want to follow my footsteps at Twitter. Or it is the ISY-YSM syndrome. Of course, I don’t follow those I don’t know or those who aren’t even known to me through their blogs.

Today was a revelation. I received a note from Twitter that Jason Calacanis is now following my updates on Twitter. Since Jason is a blog celebrity, I have known him through his weblog for a long time now. Jason Calacanis the owner of Weblogs Inc and Mahalo is now one of my “followers”. Yay !! or Whew !! depending on how you take it. Jason doesn’t know me but he wants to follow me on Twitter. For what ? To discover this, I drifted off to Jason’s Twitter page and I see that he has 17000+ followers and he is following 15000+ people. I don’t get it. Jason’s a nice guy and I have nothing against Jason but how does one follow 17K+ people twitters and have 15K people following them ? Scoble has even more followers and he follows more people that anyone else. I find it tough to follow just 10 people. For me that’s information overload.

This is the kind of party politics(as we call it in Tamil Nadu) that is spreading like a disease in social networks and I’m also a proud contributer to it. The ISY-YSM is also pretty evident in small networks that is anything indie. From independent personal blogs to independent writers, film makers, musicians this is very common. The very notion that independent movement is largely independent isn’t exactly true.

Movies made by studios are ripped apart by movie critics and reviewers from all over. Whereas indie-films are watched a handful crowd who are themselves budding indie film makers and they also know the film-maker in person. This makes the indie movie reviews very superfluous. Something like Madan reviewing Tamil Cinema in Vijay TV.

Madan is a integral part of who’s who of Tamil Cinema. And his reviews are also very mellow, infact they are pretty in-accurate at times, owing to the fact that he already knows the film-maker as a friend or a peer. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to tear apart their films in a prime-time program, even if they deserve it to be that way.

If I were to make a movie as an independent film-maker, I would largely depend on blogs to get the news out but I would certainly expect a honest review of it. A good movie will eventually be noticed and a bad movie dropped even after getting enough brownie points from fellow bloggers. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing when you make a dull-headed movie and bloggers, your so-called “followers” applaud it.

Huh !! the days of our lives !!