How to shoot a music video?

If you havent watched the movie, no issues, go ahead and watch the video. It doesn’t give out anything and it can raise brows/curiosity. This song is interrupts the movie at a correct time. It couldn’t be placed any better. The lead to this song is impeccable and song actually goes out of the way to capture the direstraits of the film’s characters without compromising of the video.

Right from the release of the audio, this was indeed my favorite(1, 2, 3) number of the film. Vijay Yesudaas’ number was actually an achievement with vocal chords on tamil cinema but still, this stole the thunder with the mix of mysticism and pop music.

This one is more like a feverously shot and religiously edited music video. Watch it full screen and as said before, just don’t talk yet.

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