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Spammers get the hell out of this place. Shoo !!

P.S – Hee Hee.. !! The comments are enabled again. A dear friend vows that a captcha will prevent all the spambots. I am skeptical if a captcha will eradicate all of them, given the fact there are 100s of comment spams here everyday.

Have plugged in a captcha provider. Take more pain and type in two more extra words when you make a comment. Let’s see how this thingy works.



கணந்தோறும் வியப்புகள் புதிய தோன்றும்
கணந்தோறும் வெவ்வேறு கனவு தோன்றும்

– பாரதி.

இதில் புதிய மற்றும் வெவ்வேறு என்பன தான் அழுத்தச் சொற்கள். Densely populated words. Ofcourse, கணந்தோறும் என்னும் வார்த்தை பிரயோகத்தின் வீச்சை ஒரு அவசர வாழ்வில் மட்டும் தான் அனுபவிக்க முடியும். 1900களில் எழுதிய முண்டாசு மாமாவை என்ன செய்யலாம்.



netflix download_movies.jpg

Blockbuster killed enough of Netflix‘s market share by introducing Total Access feature with which one could exchange the movie packet obtained through mail for an in-store movie. This means, technically you can double the number of movies you watch for the same price.

Though being a Netflix fan, I moved to Blockbuster, lured by the double whammy offer. It’s been smooth since then. I moved to the 1 dvd at-a-time scheme and was able to watch atleast 15 movies a month. I have to accept that its overwhelming sometimes to watch 15 movies a month.

After pulling enough of marketshare from Netflix through this plan, Blockbuster recently started to grandfather existing subscribers to their unlimited in-store exchange plan while it moved others to a new plan which limited in-store exhanges. Depedning on how heavily you use their Total Access feature, the plan to retain your account under the the old plan was made.

Luckily I have a blockbuster right across the street and was able to use the in-store exchange every time. Hence I think, my account is now retained under the old scheme. And the account page reads this –

BLOCKBUSTER Total Access Premium $9.99 / month (plus taxes). 1 at-a-time, unlimited mailings, unlimited in-store free movie/discounted game exchanges +1 FREE bonus Movie or Game Rental E-Coupon / Month

It’s a pity that some of the existing subscribers were moved to the new ‘blockbusted’ plan. Meanwhile Netflix began offering DVD quality downloads of movies, in addition to the DVD by mail option which seem to interest me.

Atleast a good percentage of ‘blockbusted’ subscribers will now move to this super lazy Netflix plan. No more store exchanges for them as they can just click on their computers to watch DVD movies. And ofcourse, there is Apple TV to stream movies to your TV, if you hate watching movies on a 19 inch monitor.


You Tube Streaming Now ?

One of my complaints when Google bought You tube was that Google Video’s player was supremely advanced than the crappy bulk download of You Tube. Though the red line moving on a You Tube player was a make believe, at the back-end it was only bulk downloading the file which took the fun of watching a video by clicking randomly in the timeline.

On Google Video, you actually load an one hour video and as you click on the 5th minute into the video, it starts running instantly. You can’t do the same in a you tube video. You would have to wait for the video to load until the 5th minute is loaded, to start watching it.

This morning when I was watching Aish yakka’s trailer of The Last Legion, I wanted to move to the fag end of the trailer where yakka battles with a sword, heroinically. And suprisingly, it worked. I am thinking it was a slient move by Google – You Tube to make their videos streaming. If this isn’t official, they are randomly testing this feature out.Hope this goes live, soon.

Update – 4 out of 5 videos are now streaming on You Tube. This feature should go live pretty soon.