Can’t stand the comment spammers. Closing all the comments and synching the stylesheet with

Spammers get the hell out of this place. Shoo !!

P.S – Hee Hee.. !! The comments are enabled again. A dear friend vows that a captcha will prevent all the spambots. I am skeptical if a captcha will eradicate all of them, given the fact there are 100s of comment spams here everyday.

Have plugged in a captcha provider. Take more pain and type in two more extra words when you make a comment. Let’s see how this thingy works.

17 responses to “Shoo !!”

  1. LG,

    Can you please enable the side bar. It was having a greater usablity for the readers when compared to the current one. Please do consider this request too….

    As the current one makes the “About me” beneath the page and visibility got lost. Also the archives seems to be bit difficult.

    Thanks for considering the earlier request of enabling the comments…


  2. Yeppa…yennapa nadakathu inthe blog ulagathille?

    Nice refreshing look. White is always refreshing.

    Thats two more whole words that we can see properly :p


  3. Narsi, Done. Tell me how it looks now.

    Satya, Thanks for the link. Interesting read.

    //Is this hosted on WP? Or MT? I have found that for WP, Akismet is perfect.//

    Anantha, On MT as always. This captcha thing should work.

    //Side menu is very necessary. Everything else cool.//

    Madhav sir, its done now.

    //Nice refreshing look. White is always refreshing. //

    GP, Yep. I did this for kirukkal and like it. So thought of implementing the same minimalist stylesheet here.


  4. Hi,
    This is Sruthi from the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. I apologise, this may not be the right place, but I wasn’t sure I mailed to the right id and wanted to contact you.
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    Please let me know if you can spare some time for this.
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  5. i don’t see any spam in your past 2 posts
    now u have made commenting such a chore with these verification
    u could have rather implemented an office room for spammers 🙂


  6. Barath, Thanks.


    //i don’t see any spam in your past 2 posts//

    Thats because I deleted tons of them…clean !! Puriyuthaa.

    //u could have rather implemented an office room for spammers :-)//

    There are a lot of trolls here. Unna pudhichu kudukaren puriyum 🙂


  7. Thala,

    Enna Thalvar Kamal’s dasavatharam news ethum ellaya, after ur come back u have not written about Alwarpet Andavan Kamal.

    One of the true fans of Kamal and ur blog


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  9. “//i don’t see any spam in your past 2 posts//

    Thats because I deleted tons of them…clean !! Puriyuthaa.//”

    I think, because of your blog name “Lazy Geek”, the spammers alloted you some work 😛


  10. commenting is spirit of blogging. shouldnt be shooed away.

    i wish someone finds an alternate to captcha. i hate squinting and trying to decipher the words. i wonder how people with specs do a captcha !


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