You Tube Streaming Now ?

One of my complaints when Google bought You tube was that Google Video’s player was supremely advanced than the crappy bulk download of You Tube. Though the red line moving on a You Tube player was a make believe, at the back-end it was only bulk downloading the file which took the fun of watching a video by clicking randomly in the timeline.

On Google Video, you actually load an one hour video and as you click on the 5th minute into the video, it starts running instantly. You can’t do the same in a you tube video. You would have to wait for the video to load until the 5th minute is loaded, to start watching it.

This morning when I was watching Aish yakka’s trailer of The Last Legion, I wanted to move to the fag end of the trailer where yakka battles with a sword, heroinically. And suprisingly, it worked. I am thinking it was a slient move by Google – You Tube to make their videos streaming. If this isn’t official, they are randomly testing this feature out.Hope this goes live, soon.

Update – 4 out of 5 videos are now streaming on You Tube. This feature should go live pretty soon.

5 responses to “You Tube Streaming Now ?”

  1. Madhav Avatar


    Happy independence day!!

    This post speaks to the relationship between attention span and information overload. It has been a while since i sat down and watched a video from start to finish. Choice is a tool which is not being utilized by many in the way it should be.



  2. Vaibhav Avatar

    This is too good.


  3. lazynerd Avatar

    Nalla seithi sonna unga vaaikku.. i mean keyboard-ku sakkara podanum 🙂

    Now i can just scroll.. 🙂


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Choice is a tool which is not being utilized by many in the way it should be.//

    Madhav, Well said. But there are just too many choices in the endless world. How do you expect to use one’s choice discreetly.


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Now i can just scroll.. :-)//

    Nerd, Yep. Good tool especially when you know where you want to start watching a video.


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