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  1. Good observation …….Reflector is in Superstar’s glass and sankar is reflected in the glass.

  2. Boss.. Boss.. Pinnureengale Boss!
    (this dialogue was in Anniyan)
    You ought to be a detective, guru!

  3. Wow 🙂 brilliant. Sometime I wonder how much effort these film geeks would be putting up to come up with movies. We still find faults isn’t…. 🙂

    Anyway Wow again 🙂

  4. Something is reflected in Superstar glass but, cannot say itz Shankar……it is too small image to identify. Hi geek, how ur getting time to do such minute observation?….Any how interesting…

  5. sivaji is a no brain movie. It doesnt need one…lazy guy to do such observations.

    Watch sharukhs chak de india. can southies not do a good job like that….?

  6. Ravi,

    You seem to be a north indian movie fundamentalist. I am sure you havent watched Sivaji to start with and you are making derogatory comments not only about the movie but about the guy who is providing us such good content to read.

    It is really sad that people like you who criticize just for the sake of criticism have increased in numbers. Instead of saying that Sivaji is crap and Chak De India is super, why dont you give a review of Sivaji and Chak De India and back up what you are commenting.

    Dont use the anonymity provided by the internet to say whatever and to whoever you want. Even if you say something, have the authority to back it up. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  7. Madhav…Thanks for pre positioning me as a northie…which i am not. i am a tamilian but to accept bombay produces better movies than chennai. chake de/rang de / pardes will stand as a shining example. tell me one tamil/telugu movie that can even be compared to pardes. i’m sorry for you& the ones who support southern movies.

  8. Ravi,

    It is very sad that you being a Southie are supporting the crap North is creating. Did you not know that indian cinema saw films like Bombay, Yuva, Shiva, Gitanjali made in the South by astounding directors like Mani Ratnam and Ram Gopal Verma.

    The best of the best in almost every faculty of indian cinema come from the South.

    Music – AR Rahman, Ilayaraja
    Director – Mani Ratnam, Ram Gopal Varma
    Cinematography – PC Sriram, Santosh Sivan , Rajiv Menon, Ravi Chandran
    Art Direction – Thota Tarini

    And here you are talking about some also run crap like rang de and chak de?


  9. ha ha…..northie and southiess. remember we celebrated our 60th ind day y’day and now this.

    you guys have any sense or what ?! to be honest to the question i think shivaji is a fluke hit. totally nonsense film like rajinikaaru fighting buffalo boys and heroine as young as his grand daughter. kamedy of the century.

  10. Sivaji rockss!!!!!!! I loved Rajni in the movie. He is the only superstar of india.

    Rajni is the only hope that Indian Cinema has!!


  11. guys, is everyone nuts here….??? Im perplexed. only junks will enjoy sivaji.

    madhav, to answer you question please see what mani ratnam and ram G varma are doing. they are making hindi films. not only for money but also for fame and only in hindi you can make daring movies. bollywood is not a cry baby like our south cinema world. even mallu films have gone to dumps.

  12. Very good fight regarding one junkest movie of the century. Guys, wake up look at Rajni, he looks like a beggar. Look at his expression in the photo which is a point of discussion here. What the fuck? how can somebody as ugly looking and as bad an actor as him become a hero? Why is Shriya acting beside him? It is we who are making people like him become big. Wake up and stop watching tamil movies. Watch telugu and hindi movies. They will help you get some peace in your life.

  13. aarambichitaaaangayyaa aarambichittaanga!! its really pathetic to see this north/south – hindu/muslim fights in most forums and rediff etc etc – ironically we jus ‘celebrated’ 60 yrs of independence. whts with the skin color and region divide – enjoy a movie if you like it, if not watch movies of ur choice. what happiness do you all get in branding movies and fighting over it?!!

  14. Anoop,

    What has 60 yrs pf independence gotto do with our fight here? The only corelation between independece and fight according to history is fighting leads to independence.

    One more thing, America after 300 years of independence still fights over discrimation issues between whites and blacks. So we have 240 more years to fight.

  15. “So we have 240 more years to fight.”

    btw rang de basanti is not a crap movie.. but i aint going to say another word

  16. now…Bourne ultimatum is a good movie. Enjoy your weekends you north south fundamentalists…and get a compass next time!

  17. Ahem ! The “No Brainer” is supposed to be associated with some other aspect of the movie..

    Nyways.. You could spot the cameraman and the crew all over “Madraasai Suthi Paarka Poren..” in May madham. Guess who the cameraman is ?

  18. Good observation Guru, have u noticed the cutter stand right on the foreground in Ullathai Allitha…..Karthik Rambha starrer. I got to know this straight from the horse’s mouth, yup the DOP UK Senthil Kumar proclaimed it in one of the guest lectures we had…. 🙂 Well shall we credit KV Anand for this….and spare Shanker….he as it is has made a crap of a Rajini film….


  19. Very evident from Day 1 – The ads behind the MTC bus ….

    I dont think any director apart from Maniratnam takes care of that reflection

    Pammal K Sambandham (sakala kala vallavaney) – Minnalae (oh mama) – Shankar in Boys and Sivaji – Chandramukhi – The crew appears on the Glasses !!

  20. //Ahem ! The “No Brainer” is supposed to be associated with some other aspect of the movie.. //

    Keerthi, Dont put word in my mouths-u 🙂

    //Well shall we credit KV Anand for this….and spare Shanker….he as it is has made a crap of a Rajini film….//

    Praveen, We can do that except that KV Anand just bragged in the Making ofs Sivaji that everything in the movie was his idea. I wish Shankar saw the video where Anand bragged. It was evident that Anand was just walking away with all the credit for something that he hadnt done. He talks as though there was no team work.

    So I wouldnt want to credit him for something that he actually did !!

  21. //I dont think any director apart from Maniratnam takes care of that reflection//

    Sree, SO nice to hear that and yeah I agree thats right. However there have been some continuity issues in mani’s films also.

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