Evam’s Indrajit


After a successful production of Barefoot in the Park, Evam group returns to their roots. Evam‘s name was derived from a Badal Sircar’s play, Evam Indrajit. A Bengali play translated by Girish Karnad was considered to be a milestone of Modern Indian Theatre.

Having seen their last play, I am sure that Evam can make this challenging play into an interesting venture. Although I miss being in Chennai, I’m hoping for a nice review of the play which is scheduled to be staged from the coming weekend for six shows.

Here’s the schedule for Evam Indrajit

Date & Time – On 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th June 2005 – 07:15 pm. On 5th, 12th June 2005 – 02:00 pm. Venue – Sivagami Petachi Auditorium, near Alwarpet Lifestyle Showroom. Alternatively you can also call Evam Helpline @ 98402 22363 to block tickets.

Kaiveesidum Thendral Kan Moodidum Minnal

Kaiveesidum Thendral Kan Moodidum Minnal
Idhu Kaniyo Kaviyo Amudho Silai Azhago
Pan Paadidum Sandham Unn Naavinil Sindhum
Adhu Mazhaiyo Punalo Nadhiyo Kalaiazhago
Megamondru Nerilingu Vaazhtha Vandhathadi
Dhaagam Konda Bhoomi Nenjil Serththu Kondathadhi
Idhu Thodarum Valarum Malarum
Ini Kanavum Ninaivum Unaiye Thodarnthidum…

….entrancing piece of raja’s flute.

A Post Of Questions

Do you know ? Google’s “70% engineers” consume, 2300 lbs of chicken, 1600 lbs of coffee, 500 lbs of pasta and 112 lbs of wheatgrass. Apart from this there are some worthy stuff that’s happening in Google, including the Google Earth intiative. Just in case, if you have tons of bandwidth to spare, check out the webcast of Google’s Factory Tour. Also flip through the presentation.

Haven’t you unplugged the bad IPODs ? I just did after reading this scary Newsweek article, A Little Bit Louder, Please, that still resonates in my ear. If you are still busy listening to a loud shout of Aerosmith this what they say – One study estimates that as many as 5.2 million children in the United States between 6 and 19 have some hearing damage from amplified music and other sources. If they don’t take steps to protect their hearing, the iPod Generation faces the same fate as the Woodstock Generation. Or worse.

How Jobs turned the iPod into an icon ?. This man, Steve Jobs never stops from being impressive.

Sacred Cows, Their Horns talks about the protests gone wrong. Why and what went wrong with Jo Bole So Nihaal ?

Why India is searching for Edisons in Dozens ?. A long read but truly makes sense to me.

If jeans was the only

If jeans was the only trouser type available, I would be happy as hell. Like most of us, I love the jean clinging onto the legs and make you feel much younger than you actually are. Especially the original dark blue denim color like the one Rahman wears in Vande Matharam is my favorite.

It’s a great feeling to enter a new jean, straight from the store, with the labels still untouched. If only it’s fits you as though it was handwoven for you, like the Ray Ban on Kamal’s nose in Kurudhi Punal, WOW. Who wouldn’t love a perfect fit ?

P.S – Honestly, I wrote this non-stop with a stream of conciousness and couldn’t avoid those filmy mentions. Heck !!

Mt Rainier aka Thiruvanamalai

Mt Rainier
[Click image to enlarge]

Isn’t that lovely ? Doesn’t that seem like a mountain of snow just descended from heaven and was placed in the midst of greenery. That’s Seattle for you. It’s only on a lucky and sunny day you would see Mt. Rainier while travelling along I-90 highway. And that makes me even more curious. I turn back everyday while travelling on I-90 to see if I can spot Mt. Rainier.

On a clear day, I did spot the mountain and I fell in love, almost instantly. It reminds me of my favorite Thiruvannamalai mountain. While Thiruvannamalai’s mountain and it’s surroundings have a divine serenity, I am yet to discover Mt. Rainier and it’s personality. Am planning to take a trek soon to grab the beauty of Mt Rainier. Before you fall in love with this mountain, FYI from National Park Service, Mount Rainier is the most hazardous volcano in the Cascades in terms of its potential for magma water interaction and sector collapse, and major eruptions or debris flows even without eruption. It poses significant dangers and economic threats to the region but despite such hazards and risk, Mount Rainier has received little study.

That was a picture which I shot while travelling along I-90. Some more pictures also on Seattle Photoblog. With pun intended, an ending statement worth pondering, Who knows what’s burning inside a mountain of ice ?.