Mt Rainier aka Thiruvanamalai

Mt Rainier
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Isn’t that lovely ? Doesn’t that seem like a mountain of snow just descended from heaven and was placed in the midst of greenery. That’s Seattle for you. It’s only on a lucky and sunny day you would see Mt. Rainier while travelling along I-90 highway. And that makes me even more curious. I turn back everyday while travelling on I-90 to see if I can spot Mt. Rainier.

On a clear day, I did spot the mountain and I fell in love, almost instantly. It reminds me of my favorite Thiruvannamalai mountain. While Thiruvannamalai’s mountain and it’s surroundings have a divine serenity, I am yet to discover Mt. Rainier and it’s personality. Am planning to take a trek soon to grab the beauty of Mt Rainier. Before you fall in love with this mountain, FYI from National Park Service, Mount Rainier is the most hazardous volcano in the Cascades in terms of its potential for magma water interaction and sector collapse, and major eruptions or debris flows even without eruption. It poses significant dangers and economic threats to the region but despite such hazards and risk, Mount Rainier has received little study.

That was a picture which I shot while travelling along I-90. Some more pictures also on Seattle Photoblog. With pun intended, an ending statement worth pondering, Who knows what’s burning inside a mountain of ice ?.

6 responses to “Mt Rainier aka Thiruvanamalai”

  1. arvind Avatar



  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    I hope no one comes up with an argument of tiruvannamalai vs seattle!

    Nice Pic guru. Superb aa keedhu


  3. Otta Vaay Avatar
    Otta Vaay

    Couldn’t resist Ferrari’s bait- Mt.R looks a lot cleaner than Tiruvannamalai – TVM has sadly become a typical moffusil town – small businessmen out of control and unbelievably dirty. And the bus stand is what can you say – a moffusil bus stand.

    Of course all that goes away when you go inside the Old Hall in the Ashram and it’s a different old altogether. The town outside makes you wonder what we have done to deserve the undescribable that walked in human form in that town. Not to be forgotten is the unbelievable majesty of Arunachala on a quiet morning.


  4. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Aarambichitaangayya aarambichittaanga!


  5. Maverick Avatar

    Yenakku ennamo Mt.Kailash dhaan nyabagam varudhu idha paarthaa!!


  6. Nithya Avatar

    What a lovely pic! I was reminded of Mt Fuji! you have this mountain almost as ur backyard???!!!


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