The posters of Kodambakkam

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After a heavy debate on why people protest for posters of kodambakkam, here’s a banner which I had shot few months back in Chennai. When nobody protested this banner where Kamal has his hands on more than two girls and two more girls hanging onto him, there shouldn’t be a issue at all in Simbhu’s Vallavan poster. Afterall its just a single girl in Vallavan.

My point of argument is simple. If they are protesting for one poster, then lets do it for very other poster. Or take as poll as to what is good/bad to have on posters. Then, probably we won’t have any Ad banners in Chennai. Chennai will look clean and simple.

BTW, they didn’t protest this Vasool Raja MBBS poster because it was being protested already on a different issue. Post dedicated to Katz for his high-flying debate !!

6 responses to “The posters of Kodambakkam”

  1. praveen Avatar

    why is chennai so over-obsessed with protesting everytime a new movie releases in town

    do not chennaiites have better things to do?


  2. Muthuvel Avatar

    Protests were there for ‘Kana kanden’ posters too…that thing where Gopika was seen biting Srikanth’s chin. BTW, i don’t see anything ‘protestable’ in this poster you have posted.

    BTW am i not getting the under running sarcasm in ur post? 😉


  3. iyengarkatz Avatar


    thank you for the dedication. i can see how chewing on a girl’s lips is similar to standing with your hands resting on two girls hips. man, i never knew vasoolraja was so steamy and racy! i think i better go and see the movie again and make sure i spot this scene! 😉

    this topic has been done to death. i am sure soon you will see a committee that will like a billboard censor group to deal with all of this.



  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Guru, in that picture.. did you notice Mandira Bedi in the Extraa Innings hoarding. Thats even nicky ! I was wondering if Mandira was even wearing something in that ad. I would give Vasool Raja hoarding a U certificate when compared to Mandira Bedi’s.


  5. Kaps Avatar

    Was this an ad given by Kamal or by Airtel for their joint promo for Vasoolraja MBBS? If Airtel was the advertiser then Kamal should not be at the receiving end.


  6. ioiio Avatar

    Aaga motham ellaathukkum adichikkongannu solreenga..
    romba nallaa irukku


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