If jeans was the only

If jeans was the only trouser type available, I would be happy as hell. Like most of us, I love the jean clinging onto the legs and make you feel much younger than you actually are. Especially the original dark blue denim color like the one Rahman wears in Vande Matharam is my favorite.

It’s a great feeling to enter a new jean, straight from the store, with the labels still untouched. If only it’s fits you as though it was handwoven for you, like the Ray Ban on Kamal’s nose in Kurudhi Punal, WOW. Who wouldn’t love a perfect fit ?

P.S – Honestly, I wrote this non-stop with a stream of conciousness and couldn’t avoid those filmy mentions. Heck !!

11 thoughts on “If jeans was the only

  1. Jeans panta poattaka baggy panta dhaan paapanga
    naanga baggy pant poattaaka vettiya paathuduvaanga
    onnume vivarangal puriyalla ennadhaan pudikumo theriyalla
    ambugal 1000 adichaachu mothathil paithiyam pidichaachu
    chikku bukku chikku bukku raile kalakkudhu paaru lazy style 🙂


  2. Hi Geek,

    Yes, Jeans are nice to wear to fleak out & makes you look younger. Especially that denim blue I love it. Sleek formals too looks great if its a perfect fit. Am I right?


  3. IMHO..With Jeans..
    best part is..Thokanumnu avasyamae illa..
    Varsha kanakkaa thanni kaata vendaam! 🙂
    Its all in the genes..!


  4. Yep !! Managed an entire year at college with a couple of denim jeans, half-dozen tshirts, a hero puch, a bathroom sandal and a pair of nice old puma shoes. No books !!


  5. They won’t even allow lazy to wear a denim. he is becoming the epi-center of controversy…ha..ha.


  6. Thondan, I wish too but I haven’t yet made a mobile blogpost. This was ofcourse from the browser only. Wonder if also have another blog called Debauchari ?


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