Kaiveesidum Thendral Kan Moodidum Minnal

Kaiveesidum Thendral Kan Moodidum Minnal
Idhu Kaniyo Kaviyo Amudho Silai Azhago
Pan Paadidum Sandham Unn Naavinil Sindhum
Adhu Mazhaiyo Punalo Nadhiyo Kalaiazhago
Megamondru Nerilingu Vaazhtha Vandhathadi
Dhaagam Konda Bhoomi Nenjil Serththu Kondathadhi
Idhu Thodarum Valarum Malarum
Ini Kanavum Ninaivum Unaiye Thodarnthidum…

….entrancing piece of raja’s flute.


  1. Kaadhal kavithaigal padithidum neram, idhaloram,
    isai gnyani isaiyinil piranthidum naadham, oru mogam,
    sevigal idam maarum, amudhum kalanthodum, uiril kalandhaada

    And SPB backs up IR beautifully as always…

  2. hey, thevaram in symphony scheduled for June 26 release… as of now… if you were in chennai, i’d invite you to be part of a sneak preview! 🙂


  3. That song is gonna be my earworm for the whole day.. And hey… There is this another song.. Keladi en paavaiye…which i simply love.. SPB-IR rock!

  4. Eppadi dhenum ezhudharae…accidentally bumped into your blog while ‘googling’.
    Enjoy reading it. And your links to newsweek was timely for me. Because I just got into exercising, hate treadmill running, found the most awesome audio-guided workout..www.cardiocoach.com. But am worried about them earphones in my ear.

    Just wanted to give a shout out to you..hello!

  5. “I luv this idiot. I luv this lovable Idiot”…enchanting violins then…SPB follows. i guess the lady’s voice is chitra. it’s one of IR’s master piece man.PC Sriram’s fotography too. What else you require to forget urself ?
    Ethanai Koadee Inbam vaithaai engal Iraivaa…

  6. what a coincidence…i watched gopura vaasalile on DVD last week…pretty mediocre stuff from priyadarshan…i thot the movie’s central conceit was way 2 far-fetched to begin with…plus the characterizations were quite perfunctory…songs and photography were the only pluses…
    this is a gr88 song but reminded me of andhi mazhai…for some reason…donno y…

  7. IR’s score oozes freshness in every bit of the Gopura Vaasalile score, right from the titles… I love the title BGM, with a train going in some ghats… and when it enters a tunnel, theres a blackout on the screen, music credits are shown, and the BGM reaches an exhilarating peak!!!!!! Thats heaven!!

  8. Lazy.., That was a nice log. Do you watch malayalam movies also…? I would like to know what you think of them.

    For those who wonder what is Raja doing now-a-days, He is working his magic in malayalam movies.

    Any body who thought he lost his edge.., must listen these numbers.

    Song : Marakkudaayal

    Song : Oru Chiri Kandaal

    Song : Thamara Kuruvikku

  9. Shankar: Raja has been working his magic in mallu movies for quite sometime now. I mean, ever since every body started saying he’s lost it, he has done some silent work in Mallu movies that has not percolated to Tamilnadu, atleast among the masses. One movie I know of – Mohanlal’s Guru!
    And for his other movies in Mallu land, click here
    And LG, listen to Guru if you havent. Boss.. IR orchestration la engayo poitaru!

  10. Thanks Shankar Pratap and Anti.

    Shankar, I for one love malayalam movies. My acquaintance started with crime movies but i had few friends who made me watch good movies. anytime for a good malayalam movie, i’m game.

  11. vairamuthu’s lyrics are magical.The last time he came clsoe to recreating such wonderful lyrics was in may madam in the song minnale.Remember
    ‘kan vizhithu paartha podhu karaindha vannamae
    un kairaegai ondru mattum ninaivuchinnamae
    kadhari kadhari enadhu ullam sidhari ponadhae
    indra sidharipona sillil ellam unadhu pinbamae’.

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