NPR’s Fresh Air

I love to hear the talk radio while driving to work but then I probably end up with those news stattions constantly screaming the traffic updates.

NPR is certainly fresh air for me. I am probably their newest subscriber to their programs. Accidentaly, I got to listen Terry Gross’ Fresh Air on the net. Since then its keeping my MP3 player busy. Am patting myself on a self-found gem.

Kalinga in CompUSA

Been stuck at office like a car after heavy snow. Loads of work before the million dollar baby goes live in two weeks from now. Curious last moments is what makes a software engineer’s life, a bliss. And I’m enjoying every moment of it trying to keep myself cool without getting panicked.

Talking about getting panicky, Seattlites just got freaky over the last few days owing to the weathermen going over-board about the expected snow. When snow came down, people left the office thinking that the snow would take over the city. What happened was an anti-climax. Snow came down, life went on as normal. Nothing much was distruppted except me being late for the evening coffee by just a few minutes.

By the time me and friends reached the COMPUSA store on the thanksgiving night, it was 11:30 pm. Around 500 Indians(yes, 98% indians and 2 % asians not indians were the only people around) were already in the line with monkey caps and their wives, who showed no interest in accompanying their husbands to an electronics store. Stroke of midnight, people started walking inside the shop and as usual a bunch of desi dudes ran inside the shop without coming through the line. By the time I was inside the store, it seemed like a kalinga war was just fought. The hard disk section was ransacked and I just got hold of some box which I didn’t know what it contained. Following the old quote – follow the stream, as everyone was picking up couple of boxes, me too picked up two of them. Later when I saw that they were 250 GB hard disks costing $180, i left them back.

Did you just think, Technology has improved so muchaaa. Wait. Around 200 of the desi crowd was just climbing one upon other like the first day first show of a Rajini movie to get a 512 MB USB pen drive for $9.99. Phew !! I came back home without buying anything.

The Thanks ‘buying’ stuff finally arrived. Like I planned, I bought the 160 GB external accomdata hardisk but for $70, instead of $50. I bought them online at Fry’s Outpost. Also went to CompUSA next day of Thanks giving to find hundreds of wireless routers lying around, which were missing on the previous night. I am a mobile blogger now. Yep, the home network is all set, thanks to CompUSA’s wireless router. So I can browse and even blog while eating idli molagaapodi on the dining table.

As it gets colder in Seattle, it gets exciting too. The snow this morning while driving to work, lifted my spirits. The tall evergreen trees with snow cap on them makes the whole place look so beautiful. Accompanied with Rahman’s Tanha Tanha on the CD player, it was a sight that I would remember for a long time to come. Meanwhile the city is getting it’s holiday dressing. Street trees are decorated with serial lights, Santa socks and caps being sold even in medical stores(!!), the work place is getting decorated with holiday trees and the shops are open even longer than the original working hours to meet the holiday sales. The year end seems to be the most exciting part of the year, be it in India or in US. Oh yeah !! I’m missing the marghazhi kutcheri.

Midnight Thanks ‘Buying’ !!

I am not an electronics nut. Still the plan for tonight is this. Myself and a bunch of self-proclaimed geeks are haunting the COMPUSA, opening at 11:59 pm. Have decided to buy a couple of ‘essential’ electronics including an 160 GB external hardrive at $49.99. Thats a kill for that money.

Also, planning to wait in the Seattle cold from 4:30 am for the opening of Best Buy at 5:00 am tomorrow morning. Haven’t yet decided what to buy because there is always something to buy. XBOX 360 ? Not sure but I’m raking my brains and thinking if $399 is worth it. If it was PS3, I would have readily bought it. But then, the ads of XBOX 360 is just scintillating. Looks like it will be a quite an experience.

There is also a wireless broadband router at sale. Sony 5 megapizel with 10x zoom on sale. DV-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs, Camcorders, MP3 Players are all on sale for this Black Friday 2005. For a male, even if you window shop, electronics is dope. And BTW, who said I am not an electronics nut ?

Saturday Blues !!

Bellevue and Redmond (yeah !! the same Microsoft Redmond) are like twin towns nearly overlapping each other set to the east of Seattle. Supposed to be one of the most pricey communities in & around Seattle, which I was oblivious to until I found myself paying rent through my nose. My community, near an array of Microsoft offices is one the picturesque place.

Was driving in the early morning to Redmond. It was drizzling just like any other day in Seattle. The fall colors seems to come out fast and you could spot the whole spectrum from light yellow to bright red leaves. Combined with the wetness due to rain and the bright fall colors, it seemed like a picture postcard shot. Coming from India, anyone would be awestruck by the colors and ofcourse the rain. Though I’ve travelled in a ferry to see the Washington Island fall colors, in Illinois, this morning it was a revelation. Just taking an ‘U’ turn from the home, I could see the dazzling fall colors. Seattle is partly a heaven. Once I visit California I would agree another part of ‘delicious’ heaven is out there. I suddenly remember, Illayaraja singing, Athu Nammoru Pola Varumaa. What a paradox ?