Aranmanai Siruvayalil – Seattle Pongal Special

Seattle Tamil Sangam Play
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Aranmanai Siruvayalil is a play sponsored by Seattle Tamil Sangam on the account of Pongal celebrations at Seattle. Though Pongal completed a week back, on Sunday Jan 29th, this play will be staged in Sammamish High School, where the Gujus play Dandia during Dussehra.

Incidentally there are two bloggers out here, who are playing a role in this play. A long time blogger Swami and his wife Lakshmi are the bloggers who are playing play roles in Aranmanai Siruvayalil. Both of them have prior experience in stage plays, given their experience in staging S. Ve. Shekar’s Thattupillai, and acting alongwith him. If you are around Seattle, do take a spin.

Jaya comes home !!

jaya tv

After graciously failing in attempts to get Sun & Vijay TV, the only option was to get connected to Chennai was through Jaya TV. So I subscribed to Jaya TV through Num TV. Sometime back, Uma and few others recommended Jaya TV but I wanted to watch the tamil channel on a television. So I didn’t pursue that seriously. Left with no options, I succumbed to watching TV on the PC.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad deal. The streaming video is at 300 kbps with good clarity, good enough for comfortable viewing. It doesn’t match the TV-on-TV quality yet it ain’t bad. The good news for me is that kollywood has moved nearer to me through Jaya TV. And I could see Kushboo and the jacket design on Jack..Jack..Jack…Jackpot. So much for missing Tamil Channels. Anything written here in relation to satellite channel, hereafter refers to Jaya TV, unless otherwise specified. So if you start smelling too much of kollywood here, you know why.

This morning, I got see Simbhu‘s pongal special program, with clippings from his latest flick, Saravana where he was trying to acting like Rajini and even like Vijay. He claims to have done comedy for the first time. Deja Vu or is it me. He said the same stuff during his movie Trisha named Alai. Alai never got to see even 25 days in theatres and this ‘i’m doing comedy for the first time’ seems to be coming around. This whole thing seems to be a big comedy itself. For the kind of opening he go and the oppurtunity he gets, Simbhu should just act for the character given instead of developing his ‘own’ style. Given KS Ravikumar and Jothika in the movie, I’m hoping Saravana would be a bearable watch. Or is it not ?

Thaneer Desam

This is the 23rd consecutive day of rain in Seattle. The record is 33 days, set in 1953, reads the headline in Seattle PI. Another 10 more days of rain and Seattle will break its own record which is set to 33 consecutive days of rain in 1953. CNN has more on this marathon rain.

And now you know why there is not much spice in the blog. Before I could tackle the windy downtown rains and reach home, a Netflix DVD awaits me. So there goes the blogging spirit. Jokes apart, coming from chennai(I mean the Chennai before the monsoon of 2005), this Seattle rain was like heaven, when I first reached here. I still enjoy the drizzlings especially the early evening drizzles are a cheer to the bored souls. Last saturday, while walking to Subway, my umbrella just broke due to heavy winds. Its then I realized that the rains have started to be a daily affair.

Being locked in the house, due to this rain, I planned to get the ‘amusing’ SUN TV via Dish network. Guess what. No Signal. Two trees standing right in front of my apt are blocking Sapthaswarangal and Selvi entering my home. DirectTV broadcasts Vijay TV but I’m not sure if the trees would allow its signal. So I went ahead and booked the suite of HBO channels today combined with a digital box. With the 8 HBO channels and numerous On-Demand movies through Comcast, I hope to wade through the rainy days. I hope.

Please keep moving !!

Snoqualmie Pass
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On a new year day like yesterday, found some time escape from the usual and drive to Snoqualmie Pass, a skiing facility. Snoqualmie Pass is located some 52 miles east of Seattle and is also called as Snoqualmie Summit. The northeast of Seattle, is filled with mountain ranges and shopping malls(they are there everywhere). These mountain ranges get snow throughout the winter and hence serve as a perfect skiing escapade(read as vazhukki vizhara area). Because I wasn’t prepared to push myself from the top of the mountain and keep falling down like the Roja‘s Arvind Swamy, I was playing with the snow, like a Mani Ratnam heroine. Though I had been to a skiing resort once in Chicago but it was only yesterday, I got myself amidst mountains, covered with snow. Am planning to plan for another week of this slipping down(read skiing) exercise.

As you hear the priest say, after giving you three sips of the theartham, ” Please keep moving !!”, you know you are in a desi temple. Common language. The temple at Bothell was overfilled with people and was full of chaos. Amidst all the chaos, I found some time and place(!!) to meet Raj Kumar, a fellow blogger from the other side of Seattle. We had planned to meet since March but were able to meet just yesterday. What else. Had the lemon rice served as prasadham and drove back in the drizzling rain.

Watched The Polar Express. Being a big fan of Robert Zemeckis and especially being aware of his enthusiasm in animation, I was expecting a gala fare. Zemeckis widely known for his Forrest Gump, was actually the guy who revolutionized the animation industry in Hollywood by having animated characters act with the cast in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

If Sin City was re-telling of the teenage comics, The Polar Express is like opening a children’s book. I was reminded of some russian comics, I read during my childhood. The animation isn’t the same as other hollywood movies. The characters are extremely real. Tom Hanks looks exactly like him. From the wrinkles in his face to his expressions, its just Tom Hanks. Seems to me that all the characters were performed by a cast including Tom Hanks and then they converted the film into animation.

In a time where the spirit of Santa Claus getting diminished, year after year, the movie expresses a noble motive by trying to keep the spirit going. Contrary to the name, the movie doesn’t travel in express speed except for the beginning sequence. That should probably be a reason for the movie failure. Also in a world of Incredibles and Shrek, where animation movies feed the adult, Polar Express is for kids. To keep them as kids and induce the belief of Santa. Certainly a treasure in your house, for the kid in the house.