Thaneer Desam

This is the 23rd consecutive day of rain in Seattle. The record is 33 days, set in 1953, reads the headline in Seattle PI. Another 10 more days of rain and Seattle will break its own record which is set to 33 consecutive days of rain in 1953. CNN has more on this marathon rain.

And now you know why there is not much spice in the blog. Before I could tackle the windy downtown rains and reach home, a Netflix DVD awaits me. So there goes the blogging spirit. Jokes apart, coming from chennai(I mean the Chennai before the monsoon of 2005), this Seattle rain was like heaven, when I first reached here. I still enjoy the drizzlings especially the early evening drizzles are a cheer to the bored souls. Last saturday, while walking to Subway, my umbrella just broke due to heavy winds. Its then I realized that the rains have started to be a daily affair.

Being locked in the house, due to this rain, I planned to get the ‘amusing’ SUN TV via Dish network. Guess what. No Signal. Two trees standing right in front of my apt are blocking Sapthaswarangal and Selvi entering my home. DirectTV broadcasts Vijay TV but I’m not sure if the trees would allow its signal. So I went ahead and booked the suite of HBO channels today combined with a digital box. With the 8 HBO channels and numerous On-Demand movies through Comcast, I hope to wade through the rainy days. I hope.

9 responses to “Thaneer Desam”

  1. You are fast LG..few hrs back i was listening to this in the weather forecast..i thought u might blog abt this soon but didn’t expect so soon….

    Ppl here say that it rained atleast once in day for 45 consecutive days few years back……(not measurable level during most days..)


  2. Never knew that VIjay TV has started its broadcast in US. Vijay TV would be the best bet. With too many mega serials and monotonous programs flooding SUN, its no more a delight to watch. On the other hand the programs in Vijay are fresh and different.


  3. Hello from Sunny Los Angeles… SunTV gets perfect signal in my house and I dont even speak Tamil! Sorry to rub that in 🙂

    Hope the rain goes away soon.


  4. Hi ,
    u can try and watch rajtv or jaya tv. If u have high speed internet ,u can watch them ofcourse there is some buffering but that’s not much. connect ur laptop to the TV for better big screen viewing. we too tried dish for sun tv and ended up with the same tree reason .$ 10 for a month .so now we watched new year programs and watching pongal programs ( bogi today ).