Face to Face !!

paramasivan aathi1
[ Pictures from Sify and Indiaglitz]

Ajith’s Paramasivan and Vijay’s Aathi go head to head this pongal.

Truly, I’m not keen to see how they fare in box office. Was just entertained by the Ajith’s hairstyle and Vijay’s facial makeover.

12 responses to “Face to Face !!”

  1. a Avatar

    adhukulla jan 11tha???


  2. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Thiruchila enna nadakkumo !!


  3. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Trichyla enna nadakkumo !!


  4. BNB Avatar


    Check that Wikipedia entry for Ajith – I always assumed (wrongly) that Ajith was a Tamil guy.



  5. Ram Avatar

    Check out Godfather trailor at
    its awesome…


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Ram, Nice Trailer and I hope the movie actually stands to the quality of the trailer.


  7. manninmainthan Avatar

    the music seems good in the trailer, hopefully we can expect some good tunes. I hope its a good hit for ajith.


  8. joe Avatar

    music in paramasivam is so nice to hear.i think this movie will be a diffrent movie to ajitkumar.THE CQ-TEC STUDENT IN MALASIA IS AJIT FANS.


  9. narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    The photo seems to be sensational. But the problem with these guys is the initial build up would be big but with a zeal when you go to their movie it be a utter crap.

    Especially Ajith I don’t know what happened, after watching JI I felt Sani bed potu is sleeping along with him.

    But Vijay has gone to a defensive mode of selecting movie. He tried some of the things which he do not suit then came back to square one with masala of south India.

    The problem with ajith started with RED, he went down in the graph from there and the long breaks he took made him stay away from the kollywood. But still he thinks that he is selecting an awesome movie and acts in a movie where nothing would be there except few people walking behind him here and there with a slow motion effect.

    The Godfather trailor looks promising. More than Ajith, it would be an extra effort from K.S.Ravikumar who is one of the king in making commercial kollywood movies. He once said in an audio release function, like ” I am person who takes 3-4 films an year and last year I don’t have any movies and I feel pathetic”. This anger and put out to shelf of Jaggubhai would invariably force this guy to show what he is known for.

    Still I got a feeling with Ajith the “sani bed matter”, since Lingusamy who gave a blazing RUN and also an average success with Sandai kozhi [Atleast kutty radhika issue] with an extradoinary hero 🙂 like vishal fell down in mud and rolled over it in JI.

    Hope that both the movies come out well.



  10. BNB Avatar

    I have been listening to Paramasivan music for the last few days – just love Kalyani Menon’s voice (Rajeev Menon’s mother) in the Carnatic number. Acutally the album is just average as a whole and VidyaSagar seems very inspired in places ;-). A couple of racy numbers and most probably some of the numbers will be a hit. Appa Yaaruppa indha Priya Subramani – Aasai Dosai song’la she pronounces it as vaallndhiruken – pure tamil kolai. Doctor ayya, ippa enna seyvinga, ippa enna seyvinga ?


  11. producer Avatar

    The info abt Ajith in wiki says that e lost 20 kilos in 20 days !! thats a big fart and if he had lost like that then he must have taken some drugs.. he looks somewhat weak and doest seem to be fit.


  12. yogen Avatar

    VIJay gonna blast off the world>parasivam(ajith)also gonna rock the world becausethe films lookin superb.this ponggal book the tickets now,if you dont i am sorry for you because i already book now.THANK YOU


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