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Testing the new option given by Google Video to put a video on site. I wanted to test with a right video. All I could find was this Sivakasi Trailer. This is like providing a link to the video, I’m not sure if it will overload the already overloaded host server. Will take out this link tomorrow to make sure loading of this blog doesn’t get delayed because of a movie trailer that’s already a success. All I did was to go the page of the video, click on the link, ‘Put on Site’ and copy paste the code provided. It’s as simple as that and you know how such audio and video distribution would revolutionize the media in coming days.

The worrying part is you find videos that go against copyright. Incidentally I found an entire second part of a hit movie, a first part of a not-so-hit movie and all the songs of a movie that was just released. I am wondering how Google Video team actually allowed a clipping for close 1 r 30 mins. Google hasn’t clearly tightened its watch on copyright violation or its planning to just point the people who uploaded the videos in cases of copyright violations. This is a new cause of concern especially for kollywood, which had a financially bad year of 2005 except for Chandramukhi. Good cinemas are always a rarity in Kollywood so let’s not talk about it. Every single advancement in video distribution has proved to be a hinderance for not just kollywood but even for the International Film Industry. This is one more. They have to be countered just like thiruttu VCD/ DVD. And its a pain, you know.

8 thoughts on “Kollywood and Google Video

  1. there are number of movies around too.
    and if you look for telugu movies, you can find whole movies online.

  2. btw.. this is no different than castpost.com and youtube.com. they have been doing this for quite a while. I am surprised google doesnt have a better quality for the videos. Even the paid one’s doesnt seem to have a good quality. And I am even more surprised that no one complains about the quality. maybe coz its GOOGLE ;).

  3. YUCK! How I hate all that stupid jumping around a gyrations in tamil movies! I wonder who makes such crap a hit?

  4. LG Why dont u write an article on the best movies of 2005(your choice) and the movies u look forward to viewin in 2006….

  5. There are some entire Malayalam movies online. Also if you play those clips in the Google Video Player, they are of much better quality than playing within the browser.

  6. LG,
    I am surprised that you are saying Kodambakkam had a bad year. I think they never had it so good in the last few years. I do not have the figures and neither am I claiming to be an authority..but i guess on the whole more films raked in the moolah than normal.Anniyan, Gajini,Thotti Jaya, Thirupacchi, Sachin, Thavamai Thavmiruthu,Kanda Naal Muthal and the mother of them all CMukhi…have ensured that the box office still keeps going sound. I believe (though left historians will be pained) that cinema in India is still ruled by a few people only…The super success of CM meant that more producers were willing to invest in movies. This year Kodambakkam almost touched 100 movies which naturally means that more people are finding it a viable enterprise to produce movies.

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