Mavaney, Inimey Ezhuthuva !!

There is a consipracy theory going on against this blog. And what a way to execute it. Some ‘Anon’ who was totally bored, nominated this blog for IndiBloggies 2005 Lifetime Achiever .

Also after being awarded for two consecutive years as the Best Media Indiblog, the indibloggies pushed the blog out of contest due to a rule which read “don’t award the blog again and again”. Wait. It wasn’t that rude. Still, once awarded in one category, the winner cannot be participating in the same category again.

Being nominated for a Lifetime Achiever feels like some old Dharmendra or Poornam Vishwanathan. And after taking the award, I probably should go straight to close this blog. Its the Anon’s way of threatening, Mavaney, Inimey Ezhuthuva !!. And a request to vote here, is a like digging a 1024 * 768 pixel hole to bury this blog. So forget this blogpost, have a cup of suda suda coffee and don’t vote.

25 responses to “Mavaney, Inimey Ezhuthuva !!”

  1. Bala Subra Avatar
    Bala Subra

    —some old Dharmendra or Poornam Vishwanathan—

    More like Big B or Prakash Raj 😉


  2. Jacky Avatar

    You deserve to be there cuz I haven’t found a smarter vote request 🙂
    Btw, ungaluku vote pottachu.


  3. Bima Dalal Avatar

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  4. raajk Avatar

    I went through thennavan’s blog and voted for you too…sorry 🙂


  5. Uma Avatar

    Neenga solradhukku munaadiye, Nethe ungalukku vote pottacchu 🙂


  6. Karthik Avatar

    Hey, come on… suppose Sachin scores his 50th century in a match… and Dhoni scores a crucial 100 and may be 2 catches and a stumping… dhoni gets man of the match and sachin gets a life time achiever award… doesn’t that sound fair? ;))


  7. Gp Avatar

    Hey, Okay you got your vote and also I got my suda suda bru coffee. Globalization.


  8. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Balaji, When did prakash raj get lifetime achievement. poor fellow. i am getting to know how it feels 🙂

    Jacky, Good finding !!!

    RaajK, Thanks and so hows is your blog coming up. haven’t heard one of those arguments in the last few days.

    Uma, Thanks a ton.

    Karthik, Logic engayo idikuthu, aanalum paravalla.

    GP, Talk about bru globalization !!.


  9. vijay Avatar

    On what basis do they rate the content of these blogs? Just by the number of votes got through canvassing within friends circles,fellow-bloggers and such? Just a popularity contest?


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Vijay, Why don’t ask this in the indibloggies site. you might get better answers there ? type in your IE address bar to take you there or mail


  11. zombie Avatar

    Hi Lazy,
    neengathan aepozhuthum aengaloda ‘Web Thalaiva’


  12. tilo Avatar

    Retirement age vandacha 🙂


  13. Narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,
    Kudos and wishing you for the award. I have casted my rights 🙂


  14. A.Rao Avatar

    Hope you will win the lifetime achievement award. Ever since school elctions I have casted my vote for the winner…so dont let me down!


  15. Smruthi Avatar

    We are ready for the standing ovation LazyGeek…!!!

    – Smruthi


  16. Sureshkumar Avatar

    I think this category should be removed from the Indiblogs award and we can have it after some 15 years. I mean the Indi Blog awards 2020 can have this category included.


  17. Sneha Avatar

    oops i was abt to vote in tht :-)))


  18. sathyasheelan Avatar

    there is only one sun, one moon, one superstar rajnikanth like that there is only one superstar blogger MR GURU – LAZY GEEK.

    i CHEER him on behalf of all indians (especially tamilans)


  19. Duh Avatar

    Hehehe…. That was a smart way to ask for votes, Lazy…. Needless to say, our votes will go for Lazy…


  20. Maga Avatar

    Wow, what a way to get people to vote for you Guru!


  21. vijay Avatar

    LG, I thought since you were a contestant you would know on what basis you were selected or what you contested for. But I did look up the site and found you listed as a member of the jury itself(?!!) 🙂 so who else better to ask for the criterion?


  22. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Vijay, your question was mixed with sarcasm and hence I thought even a hury couldn’t answer the question. You question deserves to be answered by the Indibloggies hoster himself 🙂


  23. krishna Avatar

    Vijay dont be looking for answers this whole awards is a big bullshit, the more you dig the more it stinks.


  24. Abhishek Avatar

    How do u vote for these polls


  25. srkriz Avatar

    LG ,
    Im voting for you so that you start reacting like a “Life Time Achiever Blogger” and not waste your blog space on “Sivakasi – Okkamakka Kalakks !! ” ;-))



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