Jaya comes home !!

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After graciously failing in attempts to get Sun & Vijay TV, the only option was to get connected to Chennai was through Jaya TV. So I subscribed to Jaya TV through Num TV. Sometime back, Uma and few others recommended Jaya TV but I wanted to watch the tamil channel on a television. So I didn’t pursue that seriously. Left with no options, I succumbed to watching TV on the PC.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad deal. The streaming video is at 300 kbps with good clarity, good enough for comfortable viewing. It doesn’t match the TV-on-TV quality yet it ain’t bad. The good news for me is that kollywood has moved nearer to me through Jaya TV. And I could see Kushboo and the jacket design on Jack..Jack..Jack…Jackpot. So much for missing Tamil Channels. Anything written here in relation to satellite channel, hereafter refers to Jaya TV, unless otherwise specified. So if you start smelling too much of kollywood here, you know why.

This morning, I got see Simbhu‘s pongal special program, with clippings from his latest flick, Saravana where he was trying to acting like Rajini and even like Vijay. He claims to have done comedy for the first time. Deja Vu or is it me. He said the same stuff during his movie Trisha named Alai. Alai never got to see even 25 days in theatres and this ‘i’m doing comedy for the first time’ seems to be coming around. This whole thing seems to be a big comedy itself. For the kind of opening he go and the oppurtunity he gets, Simbhu should just act for the character given instead of developing his ‘own’ style. Given KS Ravikumar and Jothika in the movie, I’m hoping Saravana would be a bearable watch. Or is it not ?

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  1. Vikram Avatar

    i personally cannot get to watch any of his movies but Manmadan was an exception..From what i heard, Saravana is BAD!


  2. subbu Avatar

    Vendaam Lazy,Saravanaa patha neenga PC ya pottu odaichalum odachiduveenga.Anyways i dont believe u,u might watch it,like it and go on to write a review in Rediff like u did for Ghilli.


  3. sheky Avatar

    saravanaa seems to b a deja vu of alai.cos the comedian is vivek.


  4. thennavan Avatar

    Guru, been watching Jaya on Num from 2002 (though sometimes, like now for the last three or four months, have not subscribed). Quality of the feed has been consistently good. That way, when my parents were here, they did not miss the continuity of serials such as Sahana 🙂


  5. Manikandan Avatar

    Congrats Guru on winning Indibloggies award.


  6. Ananth Avatar

    TamizhNaatil paalarum thenaarum ooduvathu mattumey inimel paarpeergal;-)
    maaja thaan!!
    btw congrats for ur indibloggies award


  7. BNB Avatar

    Talking about ‘a bearable watch’ reminds me that Paramasivan is not worth a review. Just reurned home after watching the movie – It takes a genius like P.Vasu to screw it up folks like Ajith, Vivek, Prakash Raj and Jayaraman.


  8. ashwin Avatar


    if you have a S-video cable and audio cables, you might be able to hook up your computer (or laptop) to the TV and watch Jaya on “tv”



  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //From what i heard, Saravana is BAD!//

    Vikram, Oh !! thats bad. What a way to start the year.


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Saravanaa patha neenga PC ya pottu odaichalum odachiduveenga.//

    Subra, Wow. Is is that bad. Couldn’t believe how KSR could screw up the show.


  11. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Congrats Brother… for winning indibloggies award//

    Tony, Thankoo.


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //saravanaa seems to b a deja vu of alai//

    Sheky, This is yet another Deja Vu. That statement about comedy itself was comical. Simbhu…huh !!(takes a deep breath)


  13. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //been watching Jaya on Num from 2002//

    Thennavan, Neer allava Jaya TV rasigar :). Truly Jaya TV’s programming quality has gone up a bit since last year.


  14. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //congrats for ur indibloggies award//

    Ananth, nandri.


  15. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Talking about ‘a bearable watch’ reminds me that Paramasivan is not worth a review.//

    Breaking News, I expected P Vasu to screw up. And chandrmukhi happened because of Rajini, Jo and ofcourse the storyline. hopefully he would retire being a director.


  16. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //Congrats Guru on winning Indibloggies award.//

    Mani, thanks a ton.


  17. Lazy Geek Avatar

    //if you have a S-video cable and audio cables, you might be able to hook up your computer//

    Ashwin, I already have a 19 inch monitor which seems like portable TV. I thought about hooking it to tv but was worried about the resolution.


  18. tony Avatar

    Congrats Brother… for winning indibloggies award


  19. vijay Avatar

    Numtv has been around a long time. Used to watch it back in 2000. They have Raj, digital plus and a host of other channels. SS music is offered free with Jaya but for some reason is offline now. This year Pongal programmes included a special on Pudhupettai(did anyone watch it?) with some sequences from the movie which looked a bit promising along with Selva/Dhanush/Sonia interviews.

    I became a subscriber again after stopping temporarily some time back just to catch Ragamalika on Sundays. The programme in its initial days was too good if you are the type seriously interested in music.

    Sun TV thru dish network – is at the mercy of rain god. Even a cloudy day can affect or interrupt the transimission which sucks.

    Now, if something like this existed for cricket it would be nice. Most online deals seem to be too expensive.


  20. Uma Avatar

    Hello Lazy,

    Congrats on your hattrick!!! Am glad that you have finally watching Jaya TV. Check out the archives for the Marghazhi MahaUtsavam,, and 108 Divya Desams.

    Have a good one!
    Uma Ramanan


  21. subbu Avatar

    KSR had nothing to screw-up,it was a remake of a Telugu movie which itself wa sthe umpteenth rehash of Ghilli/Okkadu and no prizes for guessing how it will be.The last KSR movie i liked was Ethiri.

    Paramasivan seems to be doing decent,but i saw a family get-together song in that movie and i had the memmories of the Sentimental crap that Chinnathambi was.No koundamani even to save this.

    Simbhu-Jothika chemistry sucks and is no good for anybody,Jothika is not slim and Simbhu’s moustache is sad and all he does is the usual imitations.Oru vijay podadhunnu ippo ivaru vera.Anyways i am sure this is not even Okkamakka Kalakks!!!

    But i am looking forward to VV as everyone and Pongal i am sure is a washout.Even Aadhi doesn’t have a decent number for which i can Dance in the theatre(well i do it q8 often),But then i will give it a watch.

    I dunno if u have seen this Korean flick called OldBoy but if u have seen it u can watch Zinda a new flick which is a scene by scene “Inspiration” of that masterpeice.


  22. Raje Avatar

    Saravana is bad…Nope,Saravana is the worst…


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