Hattrick. Thanks. But…

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there is no idea of closing down this blog even though the votes were much against the wishes. Truly, its overwhelming, year after year, to win an award where people who read the blog, vote for it. Makkal Shakthi wins. Checkout the winners of Indibloggies 2005.

Life Time Indibloggies Achiever 2005 is just a recognition from those who read the blog. Thanks. More coming this way…keep coming.

P.S – This blog at Indibloggies 2004, Indibloggies 2003

20 responses to “Hattrick. Thanks. But…”

  1. Hi LG,

    Congrats, Kalakiteenga 🙂 Hearty wishes for the award. You made it not for the first time but third time consecutively. More than winning, its the consistency of you is amazing. Now the responsiblities are more on you. The quality and content would be scanned by everyone, since you are more established, matured and continous award winning blogger. Hats Off !! and continue the best of writing.

    Not just great show, Amazing Show !



  2. To the three time academy (read indibloggies) award winner, and to a master of critics, Congratulations. Time to break or make every other record.


  3. “Achiever”… thats a great word to describe.
    Congrats Lazy !

    (but i guess you would have won, if you were categorized under “The Best Bengali Blog”) 🙂
    -Pun intended.. no offence


  4. Easy Chair + Walking stick ready .Some one-liners to get you started while chatting to other Blogging Perusus while sitting in the Beasant Nagar Beach: 1. In those days we were much more hard working 2. You no longer see the kind of creativity that our generation had … etc …




  5. Congrats Guru! Best & hearty wishes for getting more & more awards like this. Amazing about your thought process & day to day updates inspite of busy IT jobs. Keep it up.

    – Bhuvana