Midnight Thanks ‘Buying’ !!

I am not an electronics nut. Still the plan for tonight is this. Myself and a bunch of self-proclaimed geeks are haunting the COMPUSA, opening at 11:59 pm. Have decided to buy a couple of ‘essential’ electronics including an 160 GB external hardrive at $49.99. Thats a kill for that money.

Also, planning to wait in the Seattle cold from 4:30 am for the opening of Best Buy at 5:00 am tomorrow morning. Haven’t yet decided what to buy because there is always something to buy. XBOX 360 ? Not sure but I’m raking my brains and thinking if $399 is worth it. If it was PS3, I would have readily bought it. But then, the ads of XBOX 360 is just scintillating. Looks like it will be a quite an experience.

There is also a wireless broadband router at sale. Sony 5 megapizel with 10x zoom on sale. DV-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs, Camcorders, MP3 Players are all on sale for this Black Friday 2005. For a male, even if you window shop, electronics is dope. And BTW, who said I am not an electronics nut ?

9 responses to “Midnight Thanks ‘Buying’ !!”

  1. Even though i come from a family that would be ashamed if i went against the Xbox, i seroiusly dicourage you from buying it for these 2 reasons:

    1. Its still really early, there a lot of bugs and from the few friends that have it they say that it crashes just like Windows (i.e blue screen). The word is that xbox 360 was just rushed for the holiday sales. There arent any good game titles out yet and the updates will take some time to come out to ease the tensions on teh crashigns.

    2. From my knowldedge of the original xbox the prices went down drastically after a year. Xbox was orginally $299…after a year it became $199. Now its aroudn $150-$100 range. Also nintendo reveloution is going to be exactly as what the name suggests: a revelotion. So im just waitng for that to come out in six months time.

    One thing you should note about PS3 is that the game cds it self cost $100 dollars to make so it most probably will be $90 each to the public when it comes out…compared to the $60 xbox 360 games.

    IMO you shoudl just go for the original xbox. Who needs the extra technology to see the arm hairs and sweat of players in a basketball game…HDTV is enough. 🙂


  2. also Frye’s in renton is having a major sale tommorrow. Havent seen $10 dollar dvd players till this morning in the sales paper. Crazy…


  3. Ashwin,

    don’t buy xbox 360?

    i was hopeing to make some money off microsoft by ebaying it and now u killed my market 😉


  4. Oh..Just back from “BF”..waited in -3C in NY (feels like -11c). Orey “thallu mullu ” kootam at this queens mall during opening time. Wudnt wanna risk my life and We just walked away .Wudnt mind to spend few extra bucks to buy stuffs at a later date 🙂


  5. I would go with PS3 lazygeek, because it has more power than xbox360, and also goin to support next generation dvds. I doubt the games will cost $90 as ashwin said, no details are out as for prices,but they will keep the prices just like xbox360.$90, i doubt that. yeah, dont get xbox360 yet, it has lots of bugs, and the future version of xbox360 might support hd-dvd. so hold on. im stayin with the xbox as for now, but seriously planning to buy ps3. nintendo revolution looks like crap, the controller is a revolution, but other than that, the games for nintendo, are not something that worth buying.


  6. Were any of guys lucky in getting the harddisk @ Compusa ?

    The store opened @ 12.00 AM, I was 100 something. By the time I was inside, hard disk sold-out.

    The best deal that I had my hand on was
    512 MB flash memory for 10$ after rebate
    Targus laptop backpack $9 after rebate.
    Ipod accessories like splitter cable, A/V cable from Monster, Ipod car charger & Ipod casetter player for Car all under 10$.

    About Xbox 360 versus PS3, I tried few games for couple of hrs @ bestbuy & EB Games for 1+ hr and no issues as many had reported about xbox 360 crashing.

    True, when U have HDTV/ DLP, U can stick with the original Xbox original, but I heard from a friend from MSFT gaming division and EA that Msft plans to phase out XBox slowly.

    For now, I am holding my XBox 360 purchase till PS3 is released. Hope they lower the game price and also release a upgrade software for PS2 games & exchange policy for game console.

    Monday is e-retailers black Friday.
    Fry’s (outpost.com), Buy.com & amazon.com. Let’s see what deals they come with.

    Till then happy shopping.