Kamal Sighting in New York

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I know that a dude named Zombie who has been a long term commenter here is upset that most of what he spots on this blog, these days, are crap. Zombie, Thanks for the note and truly understand what you are saying. Will try avoiding such stuff. Still, couldn’t resist posting this.

Thanks to Anti who forwardded this snap of Kamal and Jyothika in New York. This is the second Kamal NY Sighting in the past few days. The first one is here. Looks like the Vettayadu Villayadu crew is having fun around. Spot the third VIP in the picture.

18 responses to “Kamal Sighting in New York”

  1. K.Shyam Avatar

    is that gouthami behind kamal ? with eyes closed ?
    ok im not saying anything else just guessing 😉


  2. D G Reddy Avatar
    D G Reddy

    That’s Gowthami, behind the ‘Devar Magan’.

    D G Reddy


  3. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    Pul-arikudhu doi – namma makkal observation power ! I completely missed it. Amaam, thalaivar en rendu adi munnadi poraru ? New Yorkula konjam freeya irukkalamey ?


  4. RandomTamilGuy Avatar


    What is “crap”?

    Anyway i come here for laugh soemtimes so don’t self censor or take yourself too seriously pls 😉

    PS: I wounder what Kamal has to say about chastity….. 😉


  5. Maverick Avatar

    Jothika kku theriyaama Kamal follow panna avarukke theriyaama Gouthami Kamal-a follow panraanga.


  6. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    According to a reliable source [a person working in Sir’s office], Gowthami has cancer and she has been with Sir of late.


  7. Gp Avatar

    Hey…wats Gautami doing there…? sigh…Kamal is doing a Brad Pit…


  8. Nitin Avatar

    yeah, looks like Gowthami shaved her head of something, hopefully she is allright. I dont think kamal will like people snapping pictures of him when he is walking on the street. good thing, there is not much of a paparazzi problem in india.


  9. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Jo’s getting better and better, dont you think. 😀

    BTW, think Gauthami also plays a role in VV. Read somewhere… if thats true, then this is some kinda shooting.. and not just a walk.


  10. Narasi Avatar

    Hey LG,

    Kamal, Gouthami ellam okay, namma Chandramukhi akka ennama irukanga. Summa solla kodathu, bayangrama improve agitangaga..Appa naan actinga thaan sonen..

    Kalakreenga ponga:-)


  11. Narayanan Avatar

    makkal ennama observe panraanga 😀 guess it was’nt tough to find one famous person among 5.



  12. dhanvanth Avatar

    ada. gouthami looks very diff. but that her alright. kamal konjam US la Jollyaa thaan irruka vanthirrukkaaru polum.. 🙂


  13. sureshkumar Avatar

    i have already posted the first picture in my blog (who cares). Gowthami looks totally different in that pic. Is she acting in the movie?


  14. Chenthil Avatar

    Intrusion of privacy, any one?


  15. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Privacy ? on Public ?

    Chenthil, that would end the Camera Mobile market. But then, Im yes for it..


  16. Saravan Avatar


    Had it been Sarika in place of Gowthami, who cares?


  17. tilo Avatar

    The Sambar Paparazzi?


  18. Deepak Avatar

    Jo looks gorgeous. Kamal looks like a Chamathu payyan in the pic (or is it pinjulaye pazhuthadhu). I guess this look wouldnt suit the character of a cop in VV. Oru murukku meesai irundha Kamal’kku perfecta irukkum.


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