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you attract me towards you!

The leading scene to the song Mannippaaya is probably the only contribution of Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya to Tamil Cinema. And a very good one. It isn’t different but a very clichéd one. The way it was passionately shot made all the difference. With such a well rendered song from Rahman and Shreya, Gautam had only one choice, to build it up very well. The whole song was ecstatically sung and a major part of the song was picturized in the same way. Especially when Simbhu sings animatedly when driving a bike, been there done that.

The Alleppey night, the boat, the lyrics, the love struck Simbhu and Trisha, the choreography and even the graphically falling star all support Mannippaaya’s heat. One would wish if the whole song never moved from that place. As the song divulges into other dreamy sequences and montages, it looses the passion of the night where it starts. Nevertheless it was the only scene I loved in the film. And ofcourse, some parts of Aaromale.

Gautam sticking to Simbhu’s point of view and not showing an extra scene of Trisha when Simbhu not being present is good screen-writing but his biggest problem are the dialogues. He should probably take help from someone else or stop repeating the, “I want to make love to you” lines. Seems super artificial when squeezed into real-life situations.

P.S: The Thirukural harmony in Mannippaaya sounded unrefined.

6 thoughts on “you attract me towards you!

  1. The been there done that moments in the film is what strikes a strong chord with many of us…i totally agree with that scene the best!


  2. The movie was ok, at best. The ending was not formulaic. In a way, you can say that the point was reality is.. well reality. But I am not sure whether the ending was consistent with the screenplay (which was better than Vaaranamayiram though). And yes, Tamil film industry is running out of good dialogues. All we see are cliches, hams and worse, ear-splitting screams.


  3. the first few lines ” kadalinil meenaga irundhaval naan……….thudithuirundhen karayinile thirumbiviten en kadalidame”
    heared those lines a millions time and if you lend your ears to its meaning, you will find out that it is not at all a love song. in those verses, the heroine is trying to say that she was a fish in the sea and she came to the shore for the hero. but as she suffered in the shore, she returned the sea…..

    if you try to analyse it, the truth will force you to agree that the situation in which the song was placed was wrong. it must have been a ‘moving apart’ song in which the heroine is asking sorry to the hero for the break up…….not a love song, isn’t it?!!


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