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Myshkin’s Yudham Sei

myshkin cheran yudham sei

I like some parts of Cheran’s work but I never thought I would look forward to a film in which he stars. If not for Myshkin, this still photograph from Yudham Sei wouldn’t have landed here. Its only films like these that I look forward these days and not the Yendhiran types. Maybe I’ve grown old but hype works only in your twenties.

I hope Myshkin’s previous unreleased film, Nandalala hits the screen very soon. If not, the producers should release it direct-to-DVD.

Myshkin is by far my biggest hope of tamil cinema followed by or preceded by, in some cases, Selvaraghavan. Oh yeah, there is Mani Ratnam, as always.

8 thoughts on “Myshkin’s Yudham Sei

  1. Don’t give up on Gautham Menon just yet, he isn’t bad, just lazy film making. If you can create hype around Surya in double action and bundle up a few foot tapping numbers from HJ and the film runs well (VA), then you are tempted to dress up Trisha in sarees and clean shave Simbu and do a good for nothing love story! Again, he’s sold it to the master distributor for a whopping price.. ! He needs a jolt, another PKMC kinda fall, then he will return to thinking hard on screenplay and building a storyline and doing something which isn’t another run of the mill love story. !

    Cheers, P


  2. Sasikumar, Vetrimaran, Vasanthabalan. Probably? And i know you dont like Bala. Else agree with your list. Feel Shankar has lost his touch long ago.Mani Sir should put out something about Raavan soon. waiting in anticipation for what he has in store.


  3. abhishek,

    have a problem with sasikumar.

    Vetrimaran is fantastic although not on par with Myshkin. Neverthless a worthy competitor.

    Vasanthabalan, Dont have a big opinion on him. liked veyyil. yet to see angadi theru.

    Bala is defintely good. Not my fave though.

    Mani is always the sleeping tiger. wait until june.

    Prabhu, Had huge hopes for Gautam. His recent two flicks werent really upto the mark, atleast my expectations. Lets see.


  4. Well Said Guru. I look forward for Nandalala and was quite shocked to see the posters of Yudham Sei.
    Vettrimaran is good in story-telling.. Not sure why Sasikumar is being celebrated for his mediocre movie.
    Vasanthabalan’s movies are altogether a different game. Havent seen his Angadi Theru though.

    Hope these movies will be good : Ravan, Aadu Kalam, Nandalala


  5. Hello LG, how about raktha charitra ?. Im not a RGV fan but im still in twenties and like the hype from this movie. I might watch Enthiran for Sujatha sake, assuming its its based on En iniya… which is very thought provking.

    Then A.R Murugadoss ? ( Hope he does not remakes Memento-2, because there isnt one 🙂 )



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