Certain things

Why am I unable to write something elaborately these days ? Thanks to Twitter and its social counterparts, not only my reading has gone down, writing too. Every thing I want to write is now being crunched in the head, meaning every word goes through serious criticism if its actually necessary, replaced with synonymously shorter words or with similar SMS glossary, then typed as characters(instead of words).

I was prolific with blogging once before the info-overload hit. When it did, I was tracking 250+ blog feeds on my feed reader which drew me nuts. To take myself out of the over load was quite a task and I’m not overloaded any more. I track a handful of blogs and follow a dozen or so twitters, all of whom I know personally(@ravages, @chenthil, @mdeii, @anantha, @writerpara) or have read them(like @shashitharoor) or watched them(ok, i know its sinful to follow a celebrity but i do think @trisha_26 is slightly(very slightly) better than most of her k.wood peers).

In any case, Twitter has moved away from its initial state. Instead of ‘What are you doing now?’ its ‘What’s Happening?’ now. So I’m going to stop rambling about brushing, driving and/or sleeping. And I don’t believe in answering What’s Happening all the time. Pause.

What triggered this post was that I found this 1072 page novel of Stephen King at Costco(sort of Chennai’s big bazaar but with a big BIG). Totally a wrist breaker to the extent it shouldn’t have even be printed but only sold electronically. I even wonder how King wrote with so many distractions going on around the world. In his partly autobiographical, ‘On Writing‘ King reveals his secret of writing such absurdly thick and gripping novels is to lock himself every morning until his daily quota of 10 pages of words are typed.

P.S – This is an unfinished post from November 25, 2009 at 10:50 pm. Don’t exactly remember how I intended to finish this. So instead of this remaining in the draft section for a long time to come or get deleted, it sounded better to publish it. Sorry if this didnt make any sense, just like my other fully written posts. Take it easy!

In any case, Chennai and Airtel together, have made me ramble big time on twitter. So there is that.

2 responses to “Certain things”

  1. Kaushik Avatar

    Very true. I’ve especially realized this – whenever I see/experience/hear/read/observe something, my next thought automatically has become deciding whether it is tweet-worthy or not, and if so, how best to condense/compress it and next, how to add some wit to it.
    I’ve been wanting to expand my blog via writing more stuff, also have wanted to read up more blogs and participate in discussions on comments, etc. Sadly, twitter has really curtailed that.
    PS: Just went through your IOS too. Can’t help but nod to that. Idhukku vidivugaalame illai’nu nanaikkaren. Enna dhan panradhu. And don’t worry, it did make a lot of sense. 😀


  2. Hemanth Avatar


    Why do you think Jayakanthan quit writing at the pinnacle of his career – when the whole tamil literary world was lapping every word of his?


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