CB Pricing

In my hand is Amit Varma‘s My Friend Sancho that I was happy to pick from the best seller’s section in Landmark.

The book was priced at 195 rs and the ‘specially’ discounted price that landmark advertised it for was 165 rs. While I, to some extend, understand the pricing politics behind the books, I wished it was priced at 95 rs like the hotselling Chetan Bagat’s 2 states.

Beyond the story and the easy-to-read style of Chetan, I do think the 95 rs pricing of his books make him more affordable and approachable. Well its a Catch-22, one would say.

In any case, I loved the subtle design of the cover, the blurb, the author intro and acknowledgments. Now to the book.

4 responses to “CB Pricing”

  1. Just yesterday I read how much damage that Rs.95/- pricepoint is hurting other authors… (competing author Ashok Banker called chetan an Ahole & said that was a form of piracy undercutting other books – huh?) BTW did u catch the twitter meme yesterday about #Chetanblocks? (http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23chetanblocks) – it was a trending topic in twitter

    how was the travel? did the ‘little geek’ create turbulence in the plane?


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