The Daemon and the Genius

This was just brilliant. Dramatic and mythological in its narration and very east in its philosophy. I’m too tempted to lend my piece of detailing but will hold-off because of the lack of words that I can use to describe my daemon/genius. It may sound cocky to say that but inevitably we have all experienced this moment atleast once. My daemon/genius could very well be a lame one neverthless it exists, not in the form that Liz explained but differently. I tend to call it the self but sure, genius works as well.

If you haven’t, you should, atleast skim through the second 36 chapters of Liz’s Eat, Pray, Love which I thought was very well written despite the cheesiness in the title and the feminism that people thought existed in this book.

2 responses to “The Daemon and the Genius”

  1. Praveen Avatar

    Interesting video. Am yet to read the book.


  2. Ms Avatar

    Gilbert mistakes literary success for genius – in fact a genius will be ridiculed and shunned during his/her lifetime because the ideas are too complex to be understood by that society. Only future gen can know how forward that person was really seeing.
    EPL sold millions and all it inspired was pasty, white women to run to Guru B (won’t say his name)!


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