Boys Vs Girls

How much ever I liked the second and third seasons of Jodi No 1, I loathe the nutty program that is Boys Vs Girls. Donno who designed it but Vijay TV should be crazy to even have a season 2 for it.

First, it seems like a college rag show but ironically the participants seem to be middle aged like the kollywood heroes. Secondly, nobody dances for a full song and they seem to have copied the Maanada Mayilaada format of creating a short story for a every performance with voice overs. Why can’t a dance program be just about dance ? Insane stuff!

5 responses to “Boys Vs Girls”

  1. I Love You Michel i love you very much……………………….
    So Swweet Your Dance is very nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……..:):):):):)


  2. vijay tv on boys vs girls.shaam and meena very very bad chargement.we dont like shaam meena.
    please change the new chargment.we request you to all change the new chargment.we watch continue the progaram.


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