The Death Of The A List

It’s over. The revolution happened overnight and we didn’t even know it. We’re all now in charge, together, as one big group collective.

The a-list is dead.

As posted by Jim Kukkral on his blog, referring to the latest blogosphere burn-out Jason Calcanis.

I partly agree with Jason’s note that blogging is dead. That’s right, dead. Not in the literal sense. Evolved would be a better word to describe this. But blogging today has evolved too much from it’s original idea that it doesn’t qualify to be called evolution. Hence blogging, as we know it, is already dead. And so are the A List bloggers.

Any help on suggesting the present A-listers of Indian Blogosphere will be for the greater common good of….well…you and me. I promise to twitter this list, digg it, create a facebook group , bookmark it and finally, I will include it as a part of my friendfeed. But I wouldn’t blog about it, ’cause it’s dead.