Hello from WordPress !!

4 responses to “Hello from WordPress !!”

  1. Sadish Avatar

    Welcome to the World of WordPress.



  2. lazygeek Avatar

    Thanks Sadish. I really liked your misty look theme. why don’t you create a minimalist version. I kind of created this themes from a barebones version and customized it heavily.


  3. randramble Avatar
  4. Sadish Avatar

    Thanks Lazygeek, I am glad to see you liked my themes. I have created some other minimalistic themes too, like [cityscape theme found at themecorp.com or the revblue2 theme found at wpthemeshop.com/free-themes/]
    I just saw your reply today, and I think you might install the ‘subscribe to comments’ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/subscribe-to-comments/ plugin for wordpress, which would have emailed me as soon as you replied to my comment.
    you can contact me offline so I can show you a collection of my other themes / or offer you some wordpress tips.


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