In memory of Writer Sujatha Rangarajan


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  1. nana Avatar

    No one can have like this…. very decent crowd of people
    even after theie end..

    All Tamil writers..readers…even artists like me..missed him

    with tears

    India Today


  2. Chandramowleeswaran Avatar

    I still can not believe that he is no more and reduced to ashes.

    He has been a reference point to me as he is to many. He still smiles at me thro his immortal writings.


  3. M.Manoharan Avatar

    An exceptional writer who made the reader feel wiser…..
    A sense of intellectual protection and wealth of wisdom…

    A rare example of talent who have lived amongst us…

    I am very proud to have read most of his creations- The novel
    ” VAIRAM” being the most memorable one…..



  4. M.Manoharan Avatar

    An exceptional writer who made the reader feel wiser….
    A sense of intellectual protection and wealth of wisdom…

    His novel ” VAIRAM” is still green in my mind…


  5. vijayganesh Avatar

    I am the junky of sujatha’s fantasy writing.
    He’s one of my hero.
    The fans we’re really disturbed his unfortunate death.
    The legend urgently comes to end.


  6. venkat Avatar

    did others notice that there was not enough mention in kumudam or vikatan or any newspaper or is it just me?
    i did not see many tributes, etc except some in the blogs. Thanks to the blog world.

    the world is becoming selfish….


  7. Lakshmanan Avatar

    Surprised to know the variety of friends sir had.

    Apart from the “Multifaceted” personality. Sir made very good friendship with various people. HE is a good human being


  8. ananth Avatar

    those of u interested can see that video ( not so good quality,still..) here:
    and more tributes by various writers here:


  9. ganesan Avatar

    As a fan i am not even able to digest this news, he is one of my hero whose name is synoymus to versatile in literature world. There are few people cant be replaced in this world, and sujatha is among those few. I learnt a lot from him right from simple forms of thirukural to brahma sutram, he made all complex things in a such a simple way that anyone can understand the nuts and bolts of unknown things. We as a fans missed one of the ikon, writer, author, mentor in our life time.


  10. Sundararajan Avatar

    Sujatha vin Srirengathu devathaihal, srirengathu kathaikal nammai appadiye oru 50 aanduhal pinnokki izhuthu munbiruntha rangathukke azhaithuchellum(ponniyin selvan kathai pola).

    Kanavu thozhir chalaiyil, thiraithuraiyil, thirukku pinne nadakkum nihalvuhalai pathivu seytha vitham, thani vitham.
    Entha thuraiyai patri ezhuthinaalum,nammai antha katha pathirangalodu vuyirottamaha ondrivida vaiipathu eluthalanin thani thiramai. Vehu silare athil vetri peruhindranar.
    Kalki, sujatha, sandilyan pondra vehu silare vaasaharhalai appadiye katti podum thiramai ullavarhal.

    Peraasiriyar gnana sambandam solliyapadi, Sujatha avarhal oru samooha eluthaalara, ariviyal eluthaalara, marma kathai nibunaraa, nahaichuvai eluthaalara, ilakkiya matrum bakthi eluthaalara, aaraaichi eluthaalara?entha varaiyaraikkum apparpattavar.

    Sujatha, nammazhvarai merkol katti eluthiya vithangal ellam, kandippaha nammalzhwaraiyum sujatha, kavarnthu iluthu iruppar polum. Athanaal sujatha pamarapathithu vittar(iranthu pattar)
    Maranam enbathu iyarkai vithi thaan. Yaarum thavirka mudiyaathu.
    Aanaal, ella vithihalilum, oru meeral undu.(exception).Maranam athai sujathavukku valangi irukkalaame?

    Munbu oru mohalaaya mannar, than kulanthai pizhaikka kadavulidam vendumpothu, than vuyir eduthenum than kuzhandai vuyir pizhaikka arulumbadi vendinaar. Appadi oru nihazhvu nadakka , vaaypu irunthaal, Aandavaa, enn vuyirai petru Sujathuvukku vuyir nalhuvaaya?


  11. anand Avatar

    i didnt have the habit of reading novels before reading RANGANATHANs stories…..
    i have learnt a lot of things from his stories….
    some persons cant be replaced in this world ……and you are one of those ……


  12. prasad raam Avatar
    prasad raam

    A restless soul is taking rest, and the entire tamilnadu is weeping, where we can find such a great legend here after, let us live with his writings.i am proud to mention that i also lived in his period..


  13. Karthikeyan Avatar

    It is a great loss to Tamil Liturature. No body can replace his slot. I am proud that I also lived in his period.

    May his soul rest in peace.



  14. Govind M Avatar
    Govind M

    During Eighties, he influenced more youngsters to get into software field. Simple person with great thinking, he narrates message in very simple understandable manner. Thirukkural or Alwazhar pasuram, stories, dialogues etc. After Kirubanandha Wariyar we have lost another rare person.


  15. Dr.S.Balasubramaniam& Mr.T.Mahit Vikram Avatar
    Dr.S.Balasubramaniam& Mr.T.Mahit Vikram

    Sujatha’s contribution to moden Tamil literature is immense.No person has contributed so much in all facets like stories,novels,scientific fictions and modern poetry.He lived
    a simple&humble life.His name will be remembered for ever.
    S.Balasubramanian&Mahit Vikram


  16. Lakshmanan Avatar

    I am always proud about reader of sujatha’s novel and i almost talk about his writings daily.


  17. Sridhar Visvanath Avatar
    Sridhar Visvanath

    I dont want to even read this…I still feel he is there…literally in his literature…I love him…I love vasanth and ganesh even more…he is now with them…


  18. raju.m Avatar

    in my opinion sujatha is not a human he is the god.we the rural people get knowledge only after read his writtings allsort of writtings. i used to give him BINTAM daily . thank you


  19. raju.m Avatar

    in my opinion .we the rural people get knowledge only after read his writtings allsort of writtings. i used to give him BINTAM daily . thank you


  20. T.Muralidaran Avatar

    Dears to all,

    As the sea levels of writing legend did not end the away & will all tine living with us.

    Thiruvalluvar was quited the world as him in TWO LINES WORDS.

    Sujatha Sir is quited the people as him in Single Dialouge.

    I have cordially thanks two the above human Gods.

    thank you.



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