The previous blogpost on Aamir Khan dropping his smoking, had some clarity issues, mostly on my part and the rest, also on me. It has happened here numerous times on this blog and thats partly the fun of blogging.

Blogging ? Seven years ago, if you had asked me the question, I would have blinked and walked past you. But not anymore. Ever since I read that small piece of article on rediff about 60 people reading Mahesh Shantharam‘s personal site, my life changed, quite a bit. I was actually on my way of becoming a writer, perhaps a blogger.

If you want the nerve-wracking, nail-bitting, edge-of-you-seats, tour de force story about this blog, scribbles of a lazy geek, here you go.

Seven years of living with an avatar(in words of World of Warcraft), that really didn’t mean anything to me at the time of its creation, wasn’t very tough as I thought it would be. The nom de guerre, lazy geek, was too cofusing for many to assosiate with kollywood film reviews, music and some fine arts crap. Once they found it was some one named Guru Subramanian, their interest levels dropped. And that was funny !!

Folks have called me by names, the ones that you wouldn’t like to be addressed on a private email. Some have called me names here in the comment space, warned me for harsh criticisms of their super heroes and their films. Some even called as it as the Worst Popular Indian Blog. Neverthless the nicer things have outscored the handful of critics.

Readers have always thanked for interesting content(?!) on this blog, commented ferociously to fight the comment trolls, ringed me to wish birthdays, anniversaries & milestones, become lifelong friends and also voted this blog thrice in a row, at the Indibloggies.

And above all, what I have learnt by running a blog, six long years(yeah yeah, I hear you. It’s only five. I was out for a year on sabbatical) couldn’t be achieved in anyway shorter than this. Thank You !!

5 responses to “Se7en”

  1. when you are documenting life, culture and history, there is no past or present for a timeless blog like yours. Yes it is a learning process, but I believe you have become a true Guru for all of us. We are learning from you more.



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