Stop Smoking !!

First things first… I have just smoked my last cigarette before sending this post. YES I HAVE FINALLY KICKED THE BAD HABIT!!! I know I know, I can already hear all of y’all scream and shout. I was supposed to give up on 31st. But I didn’t (which is one of the reasons I was avoiding posting). I tried my best… but I”m sorry I couldn’t then… but I have now… so please don’t give me grief… instead support me now.

Second step: get back to sleeping early.

Third: Work out religiously.

4th: Get back on my healthy diet.

5th: Just stick to the above 4 for a while before taking the 5th step.

Stop Smoking, follow Aamir Khan and if possible, his blog.

P.S – Previously, Stop Smoking Shahrukh.

P.P.S – For the folks who think the above para was my experience. It isn’t about me stoping to smoke. It’s a quote/unquote from Aam’r blog. That was my mistake to make it as a subtle quote.

6 thoughts on “Stop Smoking !!

  1. guys,

    i’m not smoking. neither i recently stopped smoking. this was a quote from aamir khan’s blogpost which is also linked here.

    neenga onum kaamedy keemady pannaliye !!


  2. Guru, next time, quote properly
    I was almost about to congratulate you on quitting smoking until I saw that Aamir’s blog was the same word for word.

    i would have otherwise guessed that you took Aamir’s quitting as a motivation/inspiration to quit smoking.

    Haha.. Atleast, make a resolution #1. Quote properly instead of confusing your readers.

    #2. Stick to it first before going to #2..


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