I have gone crazy in the past few weeks. As nidhi, mentions it, writers love movies. That includes a short story writer who are small timers like me. Well, i’ve completed the sequel to my orginal short story named the duplicate dream. I am the only writer probably who would have written a sequel to a short story. My ideas of making this a trilogy is at the back of my mind. I wish I could meet David Davidar to publish this short story. Currently, I need to WATCH MOVIES. 😦 But here i am in my office cublicle on a monday morning preparing for a technology presentaion scheduled this afternoon. Well, who said software engineers don’t day dream.

I have actually been off from writing blogs for 2 full weeks. I miss them a lot. Quite a lot to write of the past week’s experiences. I swear by the moon and the stars to write a lot on my blog. Hope i do !!

I wrote that blogpost on April 22, 2002.

I only wish, I can get back to my early blogging days. Raw, naive and unfettered.

I wrote that blogpost on July 30, 2005.

Its 2008 now, nearly six years after that 2002 post was written. And today, I would love to write a blogpost just like April 2002(with all that spell/grammatical errors) but all I could do is only repeat what was written as of July 2005. You get it ?

6 responses to “Repeatu”

  1. facebooker Avatar

    thala….6 years is a lot of time. the only problem is that you dont write too much these days. you are still interesting to read in kirukal also. so keep going.


  2. bart Avatar

    Somehow, I can’t stop myself bringing in this comparison here, though unrelated. Your 2002 scribbles were similar to Maniratnam’s pre-Roja movies. Your 2005 post is similar to his later movies. I wish Maniratnam could make movies similar to pre-Roja 🙂


  3. mohan Avatar

    hi hello,

    your blogs are nice… seems you write humourous articles, eh? keep going


  4. Raja Avatar

    //You get it?//
    sathiyama onnume puriyala. This is the first post in ur blog which I could not understand exactly even after reading cpl of times.


  5. shwetha Avatar

    One thing you can take consolation in – whether or not the current posts are in the tune of Apr 2002 posts – the spelling errors and grammar errors still are 😉


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    bart, etho enakaaga sonna maathiri. thanks.

    mohan, really ?!

    Raja, appidiya. nejamaava. i thought it was pretty clear.

    shwetha, isn’t that the point, of any blog. how else do we differentiate ourselves from the formally edited, compulsarily punctuated main stream media.


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