Cool Song Crappy Video 2

While I’m aware of the limitations that come along with Rajini in dance sequences, I still think Shankar didn’t do a good job in picturizing this peppy tune of Rahman. Not just that but Rahman lent his voice for this cool number and it had zero creativity.

While listening to this number on the earphone, I particularly enjoy Rahman modulation while he sings,”Naan Naan Naan Superman Thaan” line. Unfortunately, it wasn’t used too well in the movie. Shankar would have been better off making a complete animated song(ofcourse there is this new found graphics studio by Aishwarya which can be profited) transorming Rajini from Billa / Ranga / Baasha to Superman and Spiderman. Would have proved to be a great curtain raiser to Rajini’s Sultan. Something that Kamalhassan tried briefly in Aalavandhaan.

Instead of doing something like that, Shankar and team resorted to doing silly gimmicks with the gun, which Shankar himself had earlier experimented in Mukkala Muqabla song. Pathetic.

Just when I typed Aalavandhaan, I realized this was a Rajini blogpost, following a Kamal one. And this sequence of Rajini blogpost following a Kamal one or viceversa has been happening on this blog for quite sometime. And honestly, sathiyama, I didn’t realize it until now. Man, there seems to be a ghost residing in this blog. Run…..


5 responses to “Cool Song Crappy Video 2”

  1. Both ARR & the female singer have not done justice to that song. Had it been sung by Mano, it would have suited Superstar’s image. With ARR singing, it sounded like Vicks “kich kich” ad wherein a lion voices like a mouse. So, from the moment the song is conceived, creativity has gone for a toss.


  2. I was actually very impressed with the song video. Agree with the Rajini dance thing.

    btw its Soundarya who has the animation thing going on. Aishwarya was the one married the cockroach.


  3. Shankar had always been a person to bring variety and grandiose to his songs than creativity and taste. His works were things that are thought big and executed in style. Its Mani who scores for creativity and aesthetics in picturizing songs. Neverthless, ARR had lent a great foot tapping music to this and that alone would appease music buffs watching this song.


  4. luckily they didnt have rajini as a spiderman, superman etc (it would have been hilarious). you should remember that kamal tried it briefly in aalavandhan and the entire theatre burst into laughter immediately (u know the result…). even i was disappointed by the way shankar did this song but atleast he didnt try any of those gimmicks 🙂 (well, like you mention it would have been cool if rajini was transformed to billa, basha and ranga). btw, just the intro of rajini in this song is good enough 😉


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