Rush Hour near Nehru Stadium


That is what the newspapers would read the next day, after the launch of Kamal’s Dasavatharam audio album, when Jackie Chan himself will be present to felicitate the occasion. Jackie Chan has a huge fan following in Tamil Nadu and so expect long lines. Its going to be a doorbuster deal at Nehru stadium to get to see the duo.

Galatta reports, that Jackie Chan was said to be “overwhelmed by Kamal’s amazing performance, Chan is believed to have agreed immediately to the proposal”.

Kamal adds to the already growing hype – “It is the biggest project I’ve done. It is the longet project I’ve done and its the hardest project I’ve done.”

More about Jackie Chan’s attendance-

In addition, he also organized a party in Hong Kong to announce his confirmation. The Dasavatharam audio launch is all set to become a gala affair, one of the biggest the Indian film industry has ever seen. Already, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and ‘Mega Star’ Chiranjeevi have agreed to grace the function. The audio launch will be held in Chennai’s Nehru Stadium in the second week of March.

Everything seems perfect. Kamal is excited. KS Ravi Kumar is excited. Sujatha has always been excited about Dasavatharam. But my only bother is Himesh Reshammiya. Let’s see how he fares on this one.

5 responses to “Rush Hour near Nehru Stadium”

  1. It’s injustice to leave a post about Kamal, without any comments for this long. Keep up the good work lazy :-). And, can we expect something about Rajini/Robot as your next post, as usual?


  2. //we expect something about Rajini/Robot as your next post, as usual? //

    Sure, if there is something to talk about it. except there is a rumor that Rbot is renamed as Iyandhira. For god sakes, it shouldn’t happen.


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