Email IDs from

I missed the news(on Nov 6, 2007…thats way too long to miss) but it isn’t too late, even now., part of Microsoft Windows Live network is offering email IDs for its domain.

That means, 3 or 4 letter email ids are still available to be taken. If you are already settled on a hotmail, yahoo or gmail ID, you can stay put but if you are an email junkie and manage three/four handles at the same time, you’ve got to rush.

I was checking out the site and I got Can you beat that ? Certainly nothing to do with Rajini’s Robot. I promise that my love for robots have existed back from my comics days.

4 responses to “Email IDs from”

  1. Karthik B.S. Avatar

    idho ippove poi register panren. 🙂


  2. gp Avatar

    aaawww shucks… we only get ext) for outside US. hemm… 😦


  3. Praveen Avatar

    Hi Guru, I registered @ ystd and am not able to log into it today..wondering howzzit possible. And when I say forgot password it gives 2 options the first being sending an email-shud’nt this b to the alternate email id I entered while the password details are sent to the id??? Its displaying a hint question that I didnt choose at all 😦


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