Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Spirit of the Desi blogworld

Its amazing how quickly we’ve all moved on from the emotions of mumbai blasts which only happened a few days ago, its odd that none of have shed any tears for the Tsunami victims in Indonesia, its odd none of us have been reminded of the TN tsunami when reading about the recent Indonesian one. Its odd that all of us have now moved on to the Indian Government’s pathetic decision to stop people accessing blogspots within India. The in thing now for all us bloggers is to get on our high horses and scream at the top of our voices about freedom of speech and democracy etc etc until the next big thing hits the headline. Some might say that we are a stoic bunch of bloggers.

This post named, Spirit of the Desi Blogworld, isn’t a unique thought. But its the right way and the right time that WA chose to post it. I feel like locating the Wicked Angel and getting her/him a handful of Baskin Robbins. What say ?

15 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”

  1. Ada ipdi paneeteengale LG, just as I was working on my response to your namma ponnunga post, to the great article by Ms Ramanan and to the even better comments by Ladygeek. As it is I was nervous about picking on a senior bloger and now after this it feels like I just can’t 😦

    As to the Baskin Robbins, yes please and loads of it. And Thanks

    PS: Its she and we’ve spoken before and hopefully I will still have the courage to go ahead and post my response to your previoius post


  2. ada paavingala, naan ennoda comment-a yosichu ezhudhuradhukkule neenga rendu perum cycle gapla…..

    Me, I know that was my imm thoughts too. But I am such a martyr I will manage.


  3. WA,

    Go ahead and post it. After all senior bloggers are the biggest dumbos, and it starts with me. so go ahead and who gave you the impression that you should pick on me.

    Most people here become popular only by picking on others. I’m cool with it.


  4. I will get a handful of Baskin Robbins to anybody whoever convinces Guru to remove the tagsoup in this blog post. Just kidding. Pls may change the tag <strike>/him<strike> to <strike>/him</strike>. Your blog looks like a wall scribbled by a kid.


  5. Humans feel the pain only when the rock hits them, not when it hits the neighbour.



  6. Notice this during the London bombing. Most ppl were bloggin about it but nobody blogged about terrorist attack on a temple in Kashmir which happened just a week earlier!.


  7. radhakrishnan nair, you dont have to say that you are a “regular” for a long time. it is so sucky when you say lazy is supporting the ban. read the post again and again dude. probably after that you might get u’stand just a little.

    blog readers are not only morons. they are stupids too.


  8. Siva: You might want to revisit that statement again. A simple search for “moron” on Google and a click on the word “definition” towards the top right of the page above the results should tell you what I mean. In short, calling a moron stupid is an oxymoron. And that is a peice of wordplay that I never saw coming!