Katrathum Petrathum – 4

sujatha katrathum petrathum 4

Just after completing the Silvia series, Sujatha is back with the next serving of Katrathum Petrathum. This is 4th part of Katrathum Petrathum and it starts with a Sujatha style analysis of the tamil world.

KP is turning out to be the biggest of series that Sujatha has ever written. While it started as an autobiographical column, it continues as an extended version of Kanayazhiyin Kadaisi Pakkam. Even Sujatha haters have been strong followers of Kanayazhiyin Kadaisi Pakkam in the 80’s. While KKP had more of literary stuff, KP is sort of a weekly blog. And I might right in saying that KP is slowly over-taking KKP’s fame.

Just in case, if you haven’t read Katrathum Petrathum Part 1, 2 and 3, you could get a compiled book version in the stores. And I hope someday after KP stops for good, there will be consolidated version. But for now, it KP Part 4.

3 responses to “Katrathum Petrathum – 4”

  1. Guru,

    Actually this is KP part 5 :-). There was a break when he wrote Sringathu Devathigal in AV and then it was started again. I have to cross check my archives, but I still believe that some of the articles might have been missed out by AV during compilation.

    – desikan


  2. LG,

    Sujatha is a amazing writer and people who aren’t very familiar to deep leiterature also like his writing. For the fact of his lucid language and placing the current trends in his writings makes him more readers friendly.


  3. LG,
    did u read Sujatha’s translation of Ogden Nash’s limerick in KP?….amazing translation…