Fifteen Minutes of Fame – 2

This is a sticky post. Regular programming continues below.

If you encounter these lines in a blog, please close the browser and move onto the next one. That blogpost would be a pure collection of some mindless posts, which even the blogger who linked to it hasn’t read completely. Why in this world would you want to read something that hasn’t been even read by the blogger, in the first place ?

The more the number of updates to the post, the more it gets linked. It would stand a big chance of becoming the reference point for that whole issue. Plus it might get insta-pundited or mentioned in some mainstream media.

Apologize my swearing but what the heck is “regular programming” ?

9 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fame – 2”

  1. nandhu Avatar

    excuse me, but where are the swear words?


  2. Saravanan Avatar



  3. Nithya Avatar

    This is another indication that the wonderful world of blogs is becoming more like the mainstream media. Sigh.


  4. Srikanth Meenakshi Avatar
    Srikanth Meenakshi

    Dude, seriously, I don’t get your complaint. Sticky posts are a great way to keep regular updates going for a story whose topicality is potentially short lived. The recent blog ban might not be the best example for this, but think tsunami or floods. In such situations, would it not be convenient to collect all the relief information in one on-the-top sticky post than to get it deluged by other “regular programming” posts.

    I think sticky posts are a good idea for blog aggregator sites like gilli or desipundit when they want to give easy, immediate access to a topical story and its current status to the site’s readers.

    mes deux cents.


  5. gp Avatar

    Job Zombie here talking…where are the swear words, the repeating stuff and all? Is there food?


  6. Jettiboy Avatar

    Neenga eppidinga sir top blogger aanenga? ezhudhardhu ellam kuppai…


  7. Anand Avatar

    Regular programming=kollywood car! Waiting for the next one from you.


  8. prakash Avatar

    konjam ‘filim’ kaattinAl unggaLukku poRukkAthE :-). thO udane remove paNREn aiya 🙂


  9. Sresh Avatar

    Jettiboy, sooper comment hahahaha